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The Zombie Journals: Outbreak Missions: Intramuros Operation Stronghold

Posted by on 6. April 2014


My Dilemma: Human or the Horde?

“Cure or control? That was the choice as the historic walls of Intramuros became a silent witness to the tug-of-war between the Rebellion and the Brotherhood with the Outbreak Manila Zombies (OMZs) serving as the major obstacle in surviving the real-life action adventure called Outbreak Missions: Intramuros – Operation Stronghold.”

All the Outbreak Mayhem Starts in this Corridor

Read about:

Human or the Horde?

Humans with the Horde (with Blogger Rochkirstin Santos)

I was last seen as a member of the horde in Adarna Initiative in October after I ingested the cure. Since the cure was not perfected at the time, there was still the Z Virus within me that can resurrect the savagery of a zombie anytime.  I just don’t know why but when Outbreaks come, the cravings start to return.  Things have changed since the cure came into the equation with the battle of intentions between Drs. Alfonso and Vera Adarna as well as the entry of the Brotherhood whose intention is still suspect at this time.  My feet brought me here to unravel the ongoing tug-of-war at the strongholds of Intramuros.  The question was with the impending bloodbath, would the Z Virus take effect and have me joining the OMZs once again?

Beauty tames the Z Franc – The mere sight of the beauty of Actress Dawn Jimenez was enough to tame the Z Virus for now.

After doing all the chores for the day, I ended up with Dawn Jimenez’ group while going around the walls of Intramuros, I was a mere observer immune from all the Outbreak Manila Zombies, the Rebellion and the Brotherhood.  The humans could turn the tide in this battle between the Brotherhood and Rebellion and the decide eventual fate of the Zombies.

The Rebellion Needs Your Help

Top Scientist Dr. Vera Adarna joins the rebellion in hope of finding the cure.

From the safe passage in the Narrows in Filinvest, the battle lines shifts to Intramuros with the Brotherhood abducting Dr. Alfonso Adarna with the intention to control the Outbreak Manila Zombies.  Dr. Vera Adarna makes the shift from a brilliant scientist to being among the key players in the Rebellion whose goal is to cure the Z Virus and they need the help of the humans in locating the cure. She warns them that the Brotherhood controls the walls and the Outbreak Manila Zombies are there lurking around.

Run for your life as the Outbreak Manila Zombies are just lurking around

The Brotherhood Controls the Walls

The Brotherhood has Setup Checkpoints and it may cost you lives.

The brotherhood has made the walls zombie free but they patrol the walls and their overzealous patrol may cost you lives.  They offer patches for safe passage in exchange for life.  They have checkup points and would take away lives for those without patches.  They have also started to control the OMZs. In the White Light Zone where the zombies won’t chase you in the dark.

The White Light Zone showed how the brotherhood controls the OMZs.

The Brotherhood is Headed by Female Leaders

The leaders of the Brotherhood is revealed upon reaching the end of the wall.

The area of the Brotherhood ends with the big reveal and surprise, surprise… they have female leaders!  What’s even more surprising is that they may not be that sinister.  Their aim is to control the OMZs so they can no longer hurt people.  You are invited to take part in their advocacy.  The Brotherhood then escorts you to the Red Light Zone with the red area being the safe zones and when the lights go off, just run!!!

The Big Reveal.

Dr. Alfonso Adara is crazier than usual

Dr. Alfonso Adarna welcome participants at the entrance of Fort Santiago

The road to Fort Santiago is filled with a lot of zombies and the best thing to do is just run for your life.  Representatives of the rebellion directs everybody to Fort Santiago where Dr. Alfonso Adarna is located.  Dr. Alfonso Adarna has always straddled the thin line that separates genius and insanity. Although he is getting closer to insanity at this time, he and his team were able to lay down the next task which was to find 3 ingredients in Fort Santiago.

Up Next Treasure Hunt

Treasure Hunt

Zombies lurking in Fort Santiago

The goal is to find three glow sticks  in the Fort Santiago area. This was probably the most dragging part especially for the latter waves as there were limited amount of glow sticks plus there were a lot of zombies lurking,  It just says one thing, when a zombie apocalypse is here, scarcity can be an issue.  It won’t be easy finding what you want.  This also resulted in a bottleneck in the gate area. What I saw at this point had me see another important value. People already started trading and sharing their glow sticks just for more people to have safe passage.  This is a big plus for humanity.

Fort Santiago tested the patience of participants but it also showed that humanity’s shining moment with people sharing glow sticks.

Cure or Control?

Control or the Cure

The last part of the mission was a choice whether to help the Rebellion get the Cure by getting the fourth ingredient or use the 3 glow sticks to Control the zombies alongside the Brotherhood.   This was not a typical battle of good vs. evil but a choice on which advocacy you would believe in, so which would you choose? That choice determines how you end your mission.

And it’s time to call it a mission.

Another mission, another story.  I’m leaving you with a few shots from some of your favorite OMZs.

Is this the werewolf zombie in human form? – Photo by Justin Gomez


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