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The Zombie Journals: Outbreak Missions: Intramuros Operation Stronghold

  “Cure or control? That was the choice as the historic walls of Intramuros became a silent witness to the tug-of-war between the Rebellion and the Brotherhood with the Outbreak Manila Zombies (OMZs) serving as the major obstacle in surviving the real-life action adventure called Outbreak Missions: Intramuros – Operation Stronghold.” Read about: Outbreak Missions: … Continue reading »

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The Zombie Journals: The Outbreak Mission Goes To Intramuros

  Read About: Outbreak Mission – Festival Mall Part 1 (Adarna Initiative) Outbreak Mission – Festival Mall Part 2 (Adarna Initiative & Narrows) Outbreak Missions: The Adarna Initiatives The Directors Cut The Survival Missions are Incoming OMZs Unleashed Outbreak Missions Adarna Initiative and the Narrows have changed the dynamics of the Outbreak.  The hope of … Continue reading »

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Incoming: Outbreak BGC 2

Zombies Return to BGC Lightning never strikes the same place twice but zombie outbreaks do after all the aimless wandering of zombies can lead the horde just about anywhere. The Outbreak returns in BGC and the general public is given an advance notice to prepare to be zombie bait as Outbreak Manila turns one.  22,000 … Continue reading »

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