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The Zombie Journals: Outbreak Manila Arca South

The Outbreak Manila Zombies (OMZs) have gone through a lot. They’ve grown the horde through the Outbreak Manila runs. They were driven almost into extinction after some were cured, controlled or assaulted after being pawns by some self-serving factions. At Oubreak Manila Arca South, the OMZs made their presence felt to grow the horde once again by grabbing as many lifebelts as they can. It was a fresh and desperate bunch of zombies that gave dessert flats of Arca South a loud symphony of human shrieks and screams as about 5,000 humans fought their way to survival. Continue reading »

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The Zombie Journals: The Outbreak Manila Zombies Strike Back!!!

The Outbreak Manila Zombies has been a pawn in the battle of certain factions. Some have been cured or controlled in the Outbreak Missions. Some have been assaulted in Outbreak Assault. The Undead forces refuse to perish. They have risen and they will strike back. The horde is back and their back to the old bag of tricks, it’s all about running and running for your life. Outbreak Manila returns at Arca South, Taguig on December 5, 2015. Continue reading »

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Slidefest Philippines brings #1000ftOfPureHappiness and the #BestSummerEver

The Philippines is one of the best places to be when summer months come because of its numerous island destinations.  It gets even better as the #BestSummerEver comes to the City. Slidefest Philippines brings you #1000ftOfPureHappiness and that’s 1,000 feet worth of slides as you scream your way from top to bottom of the slide … Continue reading »

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The Zombie Journals: Outbreak Assault

“The Humans take the next step in the Zombie apocalypse world as they try to clear or contain the Building from Zombies.  The operation gets complex as they have to do side missions given by the characters and encounter a mind-blowing twist that could leave their mission in Peril.  Anybody can do a zombie apocalypse … Continue reading »

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The Zombie Journals: OMZs Goes #TWDonFox #BreakoutPH

“The Terminus.  Is it a safe sanctuary or not?  Hundreds of participants got to experience the terminus and try to find a way out a cargo container #BreakoutPH style while a #TWDonFox Zombie Walker scared the hell out of them.  Talk about having poise under pressure.  Shrieks from the participants enveloped the Terminus yet there … Continue reading »

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The Zombie Journals – Outbreak Assault: Time to Strike Back

“ The Outbreak Manila Horde has left humanity’s existence in peril.  There are also people who tried to interfere and shape the battle to conform with their own agenda.  Humanity strikes back and gets armed with air soft rifles to give them a better chance at survival.  Be part of the fight for survival. “ … Continue reading »

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Design the Ordinary to Extraordinary with Breakout Design

“In order to be stand out, you have to be different.  DESIGN gives you an identity that gives your brand an edge over the rest. BREAKOUT Design combines 3 creative minds rich in skill and experience to service your design needs and take it to a whole new level. They will design the Ordinary to … Continue reading »

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The Zombie Journals: Unmasking the Werewolf Zombie

“Alecs and the Werewolf Zombie are both creatures of the night.  One has caught the attention of humanity trying to survive the Outbreak while the other one has been practically all around the place as a student and a budding Photojournalist.  Get to know more about the beautiful person behind the mystical Werewolf Zombie.“ Read … Continue reading »

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The Zombie Journals: Outbreak Missions: Intramuros Operation Stronghold

  “Cure or control? That was the choice as the historic walls of Intramuros became a silent witness to the tug-of-war between the Rebellion and the Brotherhood with the Outbreak Manila Zombies (OMZs) serving as the major obstacle in surviving the real-life action adventure called Outbreak Missions: Intramuros – Operation Stronghold.” Read about: Outbreak Missions: … Continue reading »

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The Zombie Journals: The Dancer Zombie

 “Dance is the art that tells a story with every passionate movement. But for an undead, the only story any movement tells is certain doom for its unsuspecting victim.  The Dancer Zombie confuses most runners, often moving un-zombielike instead of zeroing on the living like the others. Many run past this zombie, relieved that it … Continue reading »

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