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The Zombie Journals: Outbreak Missions – Festival Mall

Posted by on 8. October 2013

Dare to find the cure.

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Photo link: Outbreak Mission (Oct 4, Adarna Initiative) Album at Francramon.com FB Page

Adarna Initiative

“The glimmer of hope brightens as humanity finds ways to escape the Zombie Apocalypse together.  That’s the common scene at Outbreak Mission as participants worked in groups to get past the perils of the horde that led them to salvation and an experience they will never forget.”

I’ve lost count on the days of me being a part of the horde from that fateful day in Nuvali.  I’ve been with the horde for two feasts in BGC, and one in the cobblestone paths in Enchanted Kingdom.  The hordes flag-lusts overpowered the humans quest to survive and the outbreak was not contained.  There have been talks that there’s a cure for the Zombie Virus and I came with the horde to protect it against humanity’s attempt at getting the cure.  The cure was placed somewhere in the mall and a group of around 1,200 humans are to attack the place at the dark of the night in hopes to end the zombie apocalypse.  The truth was while a part of me would want to thwart their efforts, there was a tiny piece of humanity left in me that would want them to succeed and end this Zombie Curse.

Team Horde came prepared

The outskirts of Filinvest was in total mayhem and there was no sign of humans within the area at sunset and at night fall.  As the night drew further, I went with the pack of Outbreak Manila Zombies to protect the inside of the Festival Mall from human invasion.  The rains came in and still no sign of the humans.  I stayed by the elevator area in the first floor, awaiting anyone who survive the blind zombies at the food court.  After a long wait, humans came by groups and there was something different from the people here compared to the previous outbreaks.  They were working as a team and that somehow gave them a better chance at survival.  I still chased them relentlessly yet the tiny piece of humanity saw the glimmer of hope that humanity may yet find a way past the Zombie Apocalypse.

The empty food court was a home for blind zombies awaiting their meal.

I entered the food court and I saw a funny scene people moving slowly or hiding in tables just to remain unnoticed by the zombies patrolling the area.   The second floor also had people crawling away from the zombie in fear for their life.  The third floor was either the salvation or peril as they’ll have to go to the darker regions in the mall and face more zombies.  The roads in and out the mall was slippery from the rain and the loading bay entrance of the mall was a creepy scene waiting to happen.  A safe sanctuary awaits those who get past the horde and hope that the cure they got would work and end this mayhem.  The cure still baffles me as the first night of the Adarna Initiative has come and gone but I haven’t seen the cure though some may have already unlocked this riddle.  The series of task have lead them to it and maybe at the next Adarna Initiative, I will try to find it for what… that depends if the little bit of humanity can prevail of my undead self but I guess that’s a part of this journal at another time.

Outbreak Mission

They’ll be back for October 18 and 19 Outbreak Mission

Outbreak Missions: Adarna Initiative had 1,200 participants treated to an experience they’ll never forget as they had to go through a zombie-infested maze of challenges, special challenges and clues that looks and feels like scenes in a horror movies.  It’s not just about running and it’s also about making choices.  The journey to the rumored cure had participants walking, running and screaming in hopes of getting the cure and surviving the zombie apocalypse.  The participants that came in form of runners, non-runners, barkadas and even the whole family was treated to an amazing time of being the key characters of the Adarna Initiative.  That’s just the beginning, as after a highly successful Adarna Initiative last October 4 comes its encore presentation on October 18 and a different mission for the participants to experience on October 19, the Narrows.  The Narrows proves to be another thriller as participants set a path to a bus that will bring them out of the infected zone.

Watch out for the reopening of the Zombie School

Just in case the cure is effective, the horde would want to tap up fresh members of the horde.  Experience the Outbreak in the eyes of the Zombies and here’s your chance to tick off the playing part of the horde in your bucket list.   Zombie School will open again on October 12.  Proceed to http://www.outbreakmanila.com/zombies2 for more details.

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MJ and Slash Zombified at Outbreak Mission

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How about you, how was your Outbreak Mission experience?

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