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The Zombie Journals: OMZs Unleashed

Posted by on 12. November 2013

OMZs – Animation by Meia Ramos Alvarez

“Being an OMZ is not just about being zombified, it’s also about creating characters and stories that people will make each moment of zombie apocalypse as realistic and earth-shattering as ever.  It’s not just about eating brains or grabbing flags, it’s doing it in style. Outbreak Manila and the OMZs has worked hand in hand in making Zombie Apocalypse something you’d love to live past and tell the story another day.”

Compiled by Dan Ramon Geromo

Outbreak Manila has been a breakout event that has left thousands in awe with the almost realistic experience of a zombie apocalypse in Outbreak Manila and Outbreak Mission.  Part and parcel of the success of the Outbreaks is its zombies.  The Outbreak Manila Zombie (OMZs) has stayed from the start of the outbreaking event and has grown its horde further.  Aside from having fun in chasing people, Outbreak Manila and the OMZs have grown into a family.

We’re Thrilled – Photo by Pef Decena

They have strive to make Outbreak through the hot and humid trails of Nuvali, through the rain-drenched Outbreak BGC, through the creepy theme at Enchanted Kingdom, to another sprint-fest at BGC and now, through the twisted adventure at Outbreak Missions in Filinvest.  The OMZs has also shared the limelight via television and news features plus the shrieks of thousands of Outbreak Manila participants in every Outbreak.

Big things comes from small talks and with a discussion among members, the term OMZ was born and has gone a long way from their origins in Nuvali.  The first outbreak in Nuvali had thousands of participants treated to a first of its kind event in the Country and the trails of Nuvali was a silent witness to the intense scare-fest that happened that day.

OMZ started with the first batch of zombies in the very first Outbreak in Nuvali and it was a friendship first above anything else.  It grew its horde as the outbreaks went on and each contributing a new dynamic to the group.

By the time Outbreak BGC came, the horde had welcomed new members and the camaraderie grew from the Zombie School. The OMZs were rain-drenched in Outbreak BGC yet the still found ways to entertain the thousands of runners who came to survive the Outbreak.  OMZs were working as a team and a family.  It’s also nice that people behind Outbreak Manila has been friends more than just being Zombosses.

Outbreak Manila Zombies has always introduced characters that would stick in the minds of the participants.  Who can forget how Michael Jackson Zombie stole the show in Nuvali with his electrifying presence.  Then there was the imposing presence of the Psycho Prisoner Zombie, the avenging Bride Zombie, the enchanting and hot Werewolf Zombie, the hair-raising appearance of the NUNDead the Enigmatic Rockstar Zombies and the others that came in the succeeding outbreaks.  OMZs take time in creating stories behind characters and upgrading their characters further.

Outbreak Enchanted Kingdom had thousands of participants entertained by both the mystical theme park setting and the Outbreak Manila Zombies that haunted the place and all this happening at All Hallows Eve in 2012.  The runners went on a roller coaster ride of emotion with the occasional scare coming from the OMZs.

Another interesting aspect of Outbreak Enchanted was to introduce new zombies.  The Werewolf Zombie came out on a full moon, the Rockstar Zombie Zombie rocking the Kingdom, Spiderman Zombie making turning out world upside down and a kid zombie who meshed well with ghost stories at Enchanted Kingdom.

The return to BGC was a celebration as Outbreak Manila turns 1 and Outbreak BGC 2 was a whole new experience.  It was a faster Outbreak with the wider roads of BGC as the playground for hundreds of zombies chasing thousands of runners without the element of rain this time around.

Being a runner in the Outbreak is a common stepping-stone for some OMZs as they wanted to experience the outbreak as zombies too which had them joining the horde.  So beware, the OMZs do know some of the tricks of the runners during Outbreaks.

Outbreak BGC 2 also came out with a horde hunt concept via partner sites conducting simultaneous searches, which paved way for others to experience the horde side of the force.

When the concept of Outbreak Missions came by so was the need to get new members of OMZ.  This was when the Zombie School was reopened with the newbie’s getting to learn about the Outbreaks and the dos and don’ts of being an OMZ.  This is also to ensure the quality of Zombies in each Outbreak Manila/Mission event.

Outbreak Missions was a totally different concept from Outbreak Manila.  The story was now more than outwitting zombies as different role playing characters and the choices you make would determine the success of your mission.  In puts you as the hero in a role–playing adventure and let’s you strategise with your team in getting past Zombie Apocalypse and the mission at hand.

Outbreak Missions has also introduced new zombie characters as well as Role Playing Characters who you meet to either help you or make you fail in your mission.  Even as you finish your mission, you just know that this is just the beginning as there are more missions to come.

Being a zombie is also a different experience from joining the Outbreaks.  The feel of zombie apocalypse is equally exciting even on the horde’s side.

The OMZs has grown closer than just being zombies in a fun run.  They have enhanced their skills and work as a unit and part of the success of each Outbreak Manila / Mission is the family kind of closeness among the OMZs and the Zombosses of Outbreak Manila.

When we’re not Eating Brains or Grabbing Flags, we’re at Gino’s Brick Oven Pizza.

Aside from the Outbreaks and Zombie School, the OMZs have also been able to get to meet with their Zomboss on other events and their favorite Pizza Place, which is Gino’s Brick Oven Pizza.   Well, you can catch more of the OMZs at Outbreak Missions as the OMZ is fast growing and they have been unleashed to give you a realistic and heartbeat-stopping experience of a Zombie Apocalypse.

Be Part of the Horde

OMZs Wanted

  • Completed Zombie Registration form here to be sent afterwards to
  • Ready to scare people out of their minds
  • Available to attend Zombie School on Saturday, March 29, at 2pm. Location to be given upon completion of the form
  • Willing to follow all of our rules. What type of savages will we be without rules?
  • Registration Fee for Zombie School is P1,000*and comes with:
    • A donation to the Heritage Conservation Society
    • Being part of the zombie horde for as many mission days as you wish
    • Zombie Make-Up for all chosen dates
    • Exclusive Outbreak Manila Zombie T-shirt
    • Food during Zombie School

* has been granted a discount of P500 for zombie applicants through this site. The P500 fee would go directly to the Heritage Conservation Society though you still get all the perks of being an OMZ. Since we can only grant a limited amount of slots with discount, please include your answer to “Why you want to become a zombie?” in the body of your email and we’ll get back to you via return mail if you are among those who got the discount.

Read about the OMZs and Outbreak Manila at the Zombie Journals Tab.  Please follow this site by liking the Facebook Page and OMZ – Outbreak Manila Zombies for more zombie Journals and future Outbreak Manila Updates.

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