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The Zombie Journals: The Outbreak Mission Goes To Intramuros

Posted by on 23. February 2014


Read About:

Outbreak Missions

Adarna Initiative and the Narrows have changed the dynamics of the Outbreak.  The hope of the cure became an opportunity that others took advantage in the advancement of science and personal gains. The husband and wife team of Dr. Alfonso and Vera Adarna ended up to be on different sides of the cure and the rest of humanity was in between fighting for survival across the hordes of zombies at Filinvest.

Dr. Vera Adarna Video Log

Dr. Alfonso Adarna Video Log

It didn’t take time for people to realize that there lies power to controlling the hordes of zombies.  A brotherhood came and was interested in the Outbreak Manila Zombies and proved to be a thorn in the Adarna’s side.  The key to this entire feud lies in a strain of chicken pox hidden in Intramuros that would shift the balance of power in this battle.  You’re now in the middle of the conflict and always on the run for survival against the undead.  It’s also for you to search for Dr. Adarna in the historical Walled City for the serum in a race against time with the zombies and the brotherhood lurking..

The OMZs are in the middle of the battle of control – Photo by Meia Ramos Alvarez

The vaccine is the key but you’ll have to make choices on who to trust and who has the better cause and don’t you ever forget that there are zombies on the loose that can not only hinder your mission but can also endanger your life.  You have to protect your precious red flags and make the right choices as you find clues.  You get information from special characters as you navigate through a historical backdrop all in the name of survival.

The battle lines have been drawn. Choose your side and plan your action. Part 2 of Outbreak Mission will have you in a thrilling role playing adventure that will give you a chance to be a part of the story and the ending is all up to you.  Start with 3 flags and finish with at least one to be part of the survivors.  While the Zombies are out there to scare the hell out of you, there is no physical contact among participants and Zombies.   There will be no zombies manning the registration area but you’ll still have to brave the hordes of human aching to get a limited mission folder for Outbreak Mission.

There’s a New Big Bad in Town – Photo by Meia Ramos Alvarez


Mission Kit Giveaway

We’re giving away 3 race mission kits for Outbreak Missions: Intramuros worth P1,000 each.  Please follow mechanics below.

1) Like  as winners will be announced there.

2) Share this post on your Facebook Wall using the FB Share Button below

  • Make sure you set it in public mode
  • Tag Facebook Book
  • Add Hashtag #OutbreakMissions
  • Add an Enticing and Creative Caption Inviting your friends to join Outbreak Missions: Intramuros – The Walled City
  • Send Screenshot of your Wall Post to (The entries will be based on the screen shots sent and also those with tags on the Facebook Page).

3) The winners would be chosen as follow:

  • 1 winner would be the one with the most creative caption based on their wall post
  • 2 winner would be based on

4) You can send one entry per day to increase your chances of winning.

5)  Contest is open until March 30, 2014, 11:59 PM and winners will be announced on March 31, 2014 at Facebook Book.

6) Winners should claim within 48 hours from the time of the announcement or else it would be raffled off to the others.

And the winners are:

Caption – Israel Ortega

Random – Arvin WaitforitCape

Random – Jonice Cirujales


Mission Details

When the Smoke Clears, The OMZs will stand on top. – Photo by Meia Ramos Alvarez

  • Date and Venue: April 5, 2014,  Intramuros

  • Operation Stronghold:  After his failed Filinvest experiment, Dr. Alfonso Adarna heads to Intramuros to continue his research. Upon reaching the walled city, Adarna is ambushed by the brotherhood, a fanatical band whose plans are more evil than his. The key to this lies in a strain of smallpox dating back to the Spanish occupation, well-preserved and hidden inside Intramuros.  A rescue attempt has freed Alfonso from the clutches of the brotherhood, but the group got scattered en route to the outer walls. Now it’s a race against time to find Dr. Adarna. Find the doctor. Stop the brotherood.

  • Fees: P1,000 inclusive of the following:
    • FREE Oubtreak Missions Souvenir Shirt
    • FREE Stainless Outbreak Missions Authorization Card
    • FREE “Life Representing” Flag Belt
      • Collectible Dog tags for “alive finishers”
      • Best in costume awards
  • Registration period: Starts on February 28, 2014
  • Registration centers:

    • Toby’s Sports (Shangrila, MOA, Glorieta)
    • Runnr (ATC, BGC)
    • Brooks (SM North Edsa)

    Run for your life!!! – Photo by Meia Ramos Alvarez

  • Wave Schedules:

Be a Part of the Horde

Be a Part of the Horde – Photo by Meia Ramos Alvarez

  • Completed Zombie Registration form here to be sent afterwards to
  • Ready to scare people out of their minds
  • Available to attend Zombie School on Saturday, March 29, at 2pm. Location to be given upon completion of the form
  • Willing to follow all of our rules. What type of savages will we be without rules?
  • Registration Fee for Zombie School is P1,000*and comes with:
    • A donation to the Heritage Conservation Society
    • Being part of the zombie horde for as many mission days as you wish
    • Zombie Make-Up for all chosen dates
    • Exclusive Outbreak Manila Zombie T-shirt
    • Food during Zombie School

    * has been granted to give a discount of P500 for each zombie applicant through this site. The P500 fee would go directly to the Heritage Conservation Society though you still get all the perks of being an OMZ (Read about being an OMZ in my OMZs Unleashed post). Since we can only grant a limited amount of slots with discount, please include your answer to “Why you want to become a zombie?” in the body of your email and we’ll get back to you via return mail if you are among those who got the discount.

Read about the other zombies and Outbreak Manila at the Zombie Journals Tab.  Please follow this site by liking the and Outbreak Manila Zombies Facebook pages for more zombie Journals and future Outbreak Manila Updates.

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