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Author Archives: Franckxethee

About Franckxethee

Franc Ramon is 'Franc' of all Trades. He's a CPA and MBA who works as a Group Financial Controller and enjoys the finer side of life through his love for travel, active involvement in running and duathlons and passionate writes about his thoughts, his travels and his runs.

Incoming: 7-Eleven Run Series 2022

It’s been 2 years but running is back and so is 7-Eleven Run Series, happening on September 24 to 25, 2022 in Manila, Cebu and Davao. The series has not only brought runners a race but each race is also loaded with goodies and exciting cash prices and opportunities. Run 7-11 7-Eleven Run series started … Continue reading »

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#TaleOfTheTrail Mount Bidawan / Ave Maria Shrine (1,120 MASL), Poblacion, Itogon, Benguet

Mount Bidawan / Ave Maria is a 4-5 kilometer climb from Poblacion, Itogon, Benguet. Continue reading »

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On Cloud Vista Gives You Versatility on the Trails

Choosing the right trail running shoes is not an easy task. Go with hard lugs, you get strong grip on muddy surface yet you lose a bit of control on hard wet surfaces. Go with soft lugs, you sacrifice a little bit of traction but get a better grip on hard wet surfaces. Go with cushioning and you lose a little bit of ground feel. On Cloud Vista is a compromise in between giving you a racing flat that keeps its traction on both road and trail surfaces. Continue reading »

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You Are A Product of Your Mentors

I find having a good mentor a lot better than having a good Company especially when you are starting your career. That’s a big part of who you become, the other parts are what you experience and how you react to it. Continue reading »

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Does Work From Home Really Work?

A day before the first ever lockdown, I was scrambling for my team to create Line Groups to facilitate communication during the lockdown. Back then, Work From Home arrangement was not even a thought; but, 2 years of pandemic life has shifted the way we work. Looking back, Does WFH Really Work? Work From Home … Continue reading »

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Year of The Franc XVI

2021 started on hopeful terms but as things were, it felt more of a struggle than 2020. Somehow, this pandemic has made this year like January, February, March, November, December or even less. Not much happening at times but still glad to tick off personal milestones and finding strength in solitude. Year of The Franc … Continue reading »

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Take the Bloat Away with Trizie Fiber

With all the work and healthcare stresses we encounter day to day, the struggle shifts to being fit, strong and mobile. Bloating is not a good everyday companion. Like it or not, it can really weigh your everyday life. Everything seems heavier, mobility gets lower and metabolism slows down. Take that bloat away with Trizie Fiber with its rich fiber and cleansing anti-oxidant properties. Continue reading »

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Train your Mind, Body and Soul at UNLTD

Stress comes from all corners and keeping the balance is a daily challenge I get to shuffle between work, trainings and life in general. UNLTD located at 123 Pioneer St, Mandaluyong, gives you the biohacking advantage in helping the mind, body and soul be in perfect balance. UNLTD Biohacking is a new term for me; … Continue reading »

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Stark Fitness Brings Fitness Right Into Your Home

Workouts and Fitness were among the industries affected by ongoing quarantines with the more common option is working out at home. www.starkfitness.com.ph provides you an avenue to shop for your fitness equipment needs at home. Continue reading »

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Year of the Franc 15

How do you even tell the story of 2020?  It’s not your typical roller coaster year but more of a free fall in the hopes of surviving kind of a year.  It’s a grind-it-out year but as anything in life, it’s always a game of reactions and making the most of what we have. Year of the … Continue reading »

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