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The Zombie Journals: Outbreak Mission – Festival Mall 2

Posted by on 21. October 2013

Are you ready for another round of Scream-fest? – Photo by Pef Decena

“The Adarna Initiative has changed the game in the Outbreak Manila Universe.  With the cure at hand, this was no longer about survival but this was WAR between the humans and the horde and at the background are characters that can shift the tide of the battle.”

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The Zombie Cure

Aside from the Cure, there’s the Hyundai Tucson #SurvivorCarPH at the human’s side – Photo by Pef Decena

Some may have unlocked it and some has failed and yet another set of humans attempt to find it.   The battleground is at Filinvest City once again and finding Dr. Adarna is easier said than done.   The difference between the first and the second Adarna Initiative was the Zombies were more vicious.  With the cure at the hands of the few, the Outbreak Manila Zombies sensed a threat to their existence.  No mercy rule was in place.

Will you ride the elevator with the OMZs lurking – Photo by Pef Decena

The course was different and the mall was way darker.  I started patrolling the horde’s front line at the loading bay as part of the malls defense.  The runners came and were determined but they were relentlessly pursued.  After the loading bay, I settled in my usual spot guarding the escalator at the first floor and spending time at the food court.  I noticed something different with this batch.  While the people at the first Adarna Initiative were strategic, this batch had the tendency to freeze on the spot and was an easier prey for the undead.  The flag-fest was overflowing in this area.  The hide and seek game at the food court brought also really tense moments for the humans.

Zombies awaiting Food at the Food Court and it’s spelled as BRAINS. – Photo by Pef Decena

I shifted to the darker regions of the outbreak and the second floor had humans treated to a scare-fest by the more vicious deaf zombies.  Let’s just say, the only way out here was to crawl for their life.  The 3rd floor had the key to salvation or to total failure which also had a bunch of pesky zombies to grab the life out of you.  A few may have found the cure and a majority did not survive.  At the end of the Outbreak, I ingested something after pursuing a set of humans and it felt different.  Was it the cure? That I don’t know.

Isn’t Outbreak Mission a Thriller of a Mission? – Photo by Pef Decena

The Narrows

Running with or running away from OMZs? – Photo by Joms Antonio

“The Narrows was a chance at escape to the Narrows for the human but making the tough choices amidst the zombie-infested time will lead to either escape or infection.  The OMZs have taken this chance to grow its horde.”

It’s Human vs. the Horde at Narrows – Photo by Joms Antonio

After ingesting the supposed cure, I was back but neither as a human or a member of the horde but a someone in transition.   I was out there to observe the Narrows and at the end of this, the more dominant side will prevail.  I started the day seeing the horde prepare their defense against the humans.  The Narrows was like going through a maze inside the confines of Filinvest and the full-length of the mall in hopes of getting past the hordes of zombies lurking.

They’re ready for you.

Front row tickets at Zombie apocalypse, I started out tailing humans at the start. You know that it won’t be an easy ride for the humans as the first stretch of concrete had them dodging more than a dozen zombies already.  The journey takes them to the darker regions of Filinvest City with zombies hidden in darkness.  The rest of the way before entering the mall, the humans scampered through creepily silent alleys, doing tasks and trying to survive.  There were some who got stuck inside a bus with zombies inside.  The sound of the fast strides of panic was music to my ear.  The Hyundai Tucson Zombie Car was a boost as they got an extra life before entering the mall.

There are characters can either help you or lead you to peril.

The mall was the bigger maze though with blind zombies occupying the food court and the best weapon against them was silence.  That’s if you can prevent yourself from screaming at the top of your voice with them all around the place.  The second floor was a sanctuary for those who can pretend to be a zombie. The zombies in the areas can be pesky though.  The third and fourth floor is where the choices are made.  People will take you to different paths; it may be a longer one or a shorter one.  Choose the people you trust.

Spidey’s here to ‘scare’ the day.

The path then ends up in the narrow and creepy fire exit of the mall and you’ll be confronted with more choices.  One will lead you to the road going to the narrows and the other one leading to another group of zombies and your eventual infection.  A bus will take you to the lab for future experimentation.

The Adarnas are the key to the Missions – Photo by Joms Antonio

Outbreak mission is about making the right choices and I’ve seen that the Narrows is just a start between the WAR of the humans and the horde but there’s one other party to this battle that may help out or wreak further havoc all in the name of science.  As for me, I now know which side I’m on but that’s for another Outbreak Mission at a future time.

Am I Still One of Them? Stay Tuned.

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Special thanks to Cherrie Belle Antonio, Pef Decena of Pefdgraphy and Joms Antonio of Touch The Sky Graphics for Taking Photos for Francramon.com and Outbreak Manila Zombies

The Zombie Crush ng Bayan, Werewolf Zombie Returned on a Full Moon at Outbreak Mission – Photo by Pef Decena

How about you, how was your Outbreak Mission experience?

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