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Year of the Franc or is it?

It’s really dificult to assess if this were a good or bad year… definitely hit some milestones… but a large part of th year was real difficult at least stress wise… on the other hand, there’s also a travel galore with 10 out of the country trip and a domestic tip during the year… 2008 … Continue reading »

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The Year of The Franc… Again???

A full year ago, I wrote a blog on how much things went around during the year on aspects of my life… Here’s the sequel of my blog written a full 365 days later… and btw, this is blog no. 200… 2006 was a time of much achievements that it was a banner year… which … Continue reading »

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The Year of the Franc

On the eve of a new year, there are always two things that one does… One is to look back and the next is looking forward… Looking back, we’d want to see how the passing year was and looking forward we’d like to see what we’d want going into the new year… Looking back… I’ve … Continue reading »

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