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The Year of The Franc… Part 4

Posted by on 31. December 2009

It’s the 4th year of my Year of the Franc blogs and every year it’s becoming more difficult if it was a good one or not… Though the landscape changes every time… the level of success higher which goes with a direct increase in the level of stress… and challenges…

2009 was not really a good year for most part with all the calamities that came but the fact that we’re still standing at the end of it all is a nice feather in the cap on the test of resiliency… Bittersweet that’s how things has been… And I guess that’s we’re it goes moving forward…

Travel is still on top of my list… Still stuck in those numerous foreign travels (3 times in Taiwan, 2 times in Cambodia, and China and Singapore) and this time I had my domestic destinations as my vacation spots (Bicol, Bohol, Davao and two trips to Bora). Had my vacation every time I had and even at work I did take a day or two to go around. Well, still nice to go around every now and then.

I was a little less spend thrift in 2009 (Ok, I was more on the impulsive buyer side)… It’s an excellent stress reliever… hehe… At least, I did pamper my self as much as I could… but let me try to be more stingy in 2010… Oh well, just trying to live a life.

Work has been the usual emotional roller coaster I get to see on a day by day basis. A litlle lighter on the first part as I was able to resolve the funding issue late last year but real heavy towards the end of the year due to the super early deadline. Heavy is still such a light word on how I feel regarding work as of the moment… Really considering Bum Town alternative to the level of burn out I currently have right now but let me finish first the impossible deadline and I’ll make up my mind by then… I’m looking for a change of environment…

Speaking of new environments, there’s so much more to look forward to. There are some cycles ending and new ones unfolding… I’m seeing some things in a new light (=>)… and quite excited on working on a business venture that would be more in line with my skill set… I think 2010 is the time I shake things up and make some changes so it’s gonna be a different year.

I’m ending on a note of Thanks as the year may be good or bad but it’s the people who lend out time, a smile or a helping hand that I’d like to remember… Families always being there (sometimes via helicopter roving mode of always being there)… AGSB friends and our constant dinners and gimmicks… SGV friends on the get togethers and out of town trips… SLU, XCV and SLSC friends for being rediscovered via Facebook… People I worked with for the fun and challenging times… constant companions and new people and friends I get to meet everyday… A year won’t be a year without people to share it with…

Happy New Year!!! Let’s shake things up for 2010!!! =>

Thoughtless Thoughts: Stressville or Bum Town… =>

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