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Year of the Franc – 8

Posted by on 31. December 2013

Finding Ways out of the Wood

I’ve spent the last day of 2013 getting lost in the woods and eventually finding my way out.  I guess it’s how my 2013 was, it had highs but it also had its share of challenges that needs adjustment and action and eventually finding my way out of those situations.”


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Year of the Franc

So how do you measure a year? I guess every year I write this posts, it gets a bit harder measuring the year.  For one, I have so many avenues to measure and somehow, the prevailing challenge towards the second half of the year has drastically shifted my lifestyle.  The simpler part of the story is that there are now priorities and there are things that are priceless and critical so for now all the resources are earmarked for that purpose.  I know it’s quite cryptic so if you see me mostly on stingy mode, it’s not because I want to, it’s because I need to.  I’m sure the time will come and this battle shall be won and with me being back to my usual self.  All battles are won and I’m positive that this too shall end and all the sacrifice will be worth it.  Aside from that, there’s a lot to be thankful of from a closer family relationships to friends who’s always around through thick and thin and a continuous flow of blessings.  There’s always a lot to be thankful for.

My Life

2013 has been a climb!

2013 was a busy year for me from managing work, life, multi-sports training, social media, travel and my constant visit at home for my mother’s medical procedures.  Being busy is always my norm ever since. I may not be as visible as before or have the luxury of time to attend all those meet ups I used to organize but I’ll always be around in times of need.  My life has been much simpler and less on the fast lane. I now allow myself some time for rest too.  I guess that’s the thing that comes with age though I’ll always be the multitasking and crisis solving persons on all fronts.

My Thoughts

2013 is the second year of and it has reached over 265,000++ page with about 14,000 hits per month.  I also re-branded the site with the new logo made by Meia Ramos Alvarez for a more dynamic look.  I also opened page this year and has reached 1,000++ likes.  It has now evolve to be an all around site for travel, fitness and everything in between including zombie outbreaks.  I also had a lot of highly successful social media campaign with the Zombie Journals featuring the Outbreak Manila Zombies lording over the hits. was also able to help promote several runs and products during the year as well as successfully conduct several promos and giveaways.  It’s also nice to host the Filipino Bloggers Worldwide for the second year in a row.  I’m sure that community would grow further in the coming years.

My Travel

Bucket List Check Batanes

When you are able to tick off an item on your bucket list like spending 6 full days in Batanes and exploring the place on bike and on foot aside from the usual tour, you can say it’s a good year. I was also fortunate enough to win a trip and a run in Siargao for Siargao It Up! and was also able to do a half marathon in Hong Kong and Cambodia.  I was also able to climb to the Summit of Mt. Batulao with the Beghaus Team.  That’s not to mention my regular trips to Taiwan, Singapore, Subic, Clark and my hometown in Baguio.  I guess the good part of the year was I was able to entertain both my passion for travel and running.


My Runs

Running All Over the Place

It was a full year of running with 321.8 kilometers worth of racing spread over 23 races including 9 half marathons and 1 indoor Duathlon with about 2,600 kilometers worth of run and bike training.  While the distance was there, it was a roller coaster year for me as I had to deal with several injury including being off for almost a month after a bad bike fall.  I guess, it’s not how many times you fall but it’s how many times you find your way up.  In terms of destination, it was really a nice list as it had me having several international and out of town runs aside from the usual ones at the metro.  It was also nice to be part of the new concept of Outbreak Manila and Outbreak Mission and having great friends in the Outbreak Manila Zombies.  I also registered for my first full marathon in 2014 in the TBR Dream Marathon and I’ve been loving the journey.  That explains the numerous half marathons during the year.  It’s 6 weeks to go and I’m all challenged and all excited for the conclusion of this one.

My Challenges


Work was challenging. Finances were challenging. Managing time was challenging.  For some time, I was stuck in the middle of managing things and getting things done.  There was a period of adjustment but this is where I work best – under pressure and in crunch time.  There were times I felt lost but at the end of the day, I find my way back up and raring to go.  Somehow, 2013 ends on a challenging note and 2014 would still start on a challenging front too but just like any challenges I’ve dealt with, let me say just bring it! When the clock struck 12 midnight, there’ll be no more excuses, only me finding ways and means out of the woods.

It’s always easier on the way down but it’s the view from the top that keeps people thriving through the hard climb.

A Message of Thanks

Thanks to everybody from friends, family, workmates, fellow runners, fellow OMZs, fellow bloggers and all those who contributed in my year and has always supported me.  See you in 2014!!!

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