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Year of the Franc (Year 6)

Posted by on 30. December 2011

I think it’s safe to say that 2011 was a good year.    I’ve been writing the Year of the Franc blogs for the 6th straight year and each year was different.  2006 was a banner year with me finishing MBA and getting promoted. 2007 was taking on new responsibilities and conquering new frontiers. 2008 was about learning fund raising skills. 2009 was about chasing and conquering the impossible. 2010 was a roller coaster ride and finding new passions.  2011 was about chasing new goals and enjoying the process.

My Thoughts

It’s a challenging year but the bigger challenge came from balancing a crazy work schedule with a hectic training schedule and a little bit of travel.  I was practically busy the whole year being a Franc of all trades from writing to running to raising funds to solving accounting issues to traveling and so much more.  I guess all the good that happened during the year outweigh the bad.  I’ve nothing much to complain… Not that I have time of day to do so.  Somehow, I’m a different person in 2011.  Less time worrying about life and more time living it. I’m bringing the no complains, no excuses attitude to 2012.

My Travel

I did have my share of travel for the year with 7 out of the country flights and 3 domestic flights. 4 flights in Taiwan was pure business as it wasn’t much a thrill visiting this place as I’ve been here for so many times already.  2 Singapore trip was partly business, mostly pleasure and Hong Kong Trip was purely pleasure.  Traveling around the Philippines has been one of my priorities as it would sound embarrassing that foreigners you get to meet has been to most part of the country than you.  So this year, I was able to sneak in a trip to Coron with its rich marine life, Boracay with its soft white sand beach and to Bellarocca with its Santorini like ambiance.  I also did out of town runs in Subic, Corregidor and Tagaytay Highlands.  Running is one good way to appreciate the outdoors and explore a new territory.  I  have yet to layout my 2012 travel plans but I’m looking forward to it.

My Runs

I’ve reached two of my running goals in 2011, finishing 10K at sub60 and finishing my first half marathon.  Of course, all that didn’t come easy as it was 40 to 50 kilometer training a week schedule and over 1500 training kilometers for the year and 232 kilometers worth of racing in 21 races in 2011. It was a great chase starting the year nearly hitting my sub60 10K goal in Subic and finally hitting it in February.  I had my first run on foreign soil via 6K run in Singapore. I had my 3 months preparation for my 21K and finishing well in my first 21K run. I ended the year with the scenic and challenging Tagaytay Highlands and Corregidor runs.  It also wasn’t free of scares like running injuries to cramping big time in a race but it’s all part of the experience. I got a new bike towards end of 2011, so I hope to be in my first duathlon event in 2012.

My Team

The bigger highlight of the year was the birth of Team Total Fitness.  It started as a dream, then an idea and now a reality.  The team made its Debut race in November ans was immediately featured in Total Fitness Magazine in November.  It’s great to be part of Team Total Fitness whether I get to run or get to support the team in races or blog about the team’s adventures.  You get to enjoy and be challenged in group runs by passionate runners and triathletes.  You get some perks from sponsors and you get to be featured monthly in Total Fitness Magazine.  With great perks come great responsibility and that responsibility is to live up to the brand we represent. Looking forward to 2012 with Team Total Fitness.

My Site

Though I had a blog site since 2005, 2011 was the time I moved everything to a new home (  It was meant to cater to a larger reader base and I’m really flattered that I’m hitting several thousands of readers now.  Writing is such a passion of mine since high school and even as I was meant to deal with numbers the most of my life, I really look forward to writing this blogs.  Aside from the upgraded site, it was a real bonus to be writing my first piece for an online magazine, Lovin’ La Bellarocca.  It’s been years that I’ve been saying I’m going back to my writing roots and finally 2011 has been the year I’ve done that.  I will be writing more in 2012.

My Work

I always have the ‘hate’ – ‘less-hate’ relationship with my work that sometimes even if its the easier decision is to leave, I still don’t find it the logical one.  Somehow, I am just able to balance things out to make it tolerable in some ways.  One of the things I don’t hate about my work is that I’m able to raise big-time funds.  Even if I don’t get the rewards I deserve, being able to master the art of raising funds is my future.  This is one of the things I want to do when I finally move out of my regular work.  It’s gonna be difficult but it’s gonna be more rewarding in the end.  Of the things I hate is the year end closing and its coming in 2012.  That’s one of the things I don’t look forward to in 2012 but I’m a trooper and I’ll get past that.

My Family and Friends

To do the improbable balancing act of mixing business, pleasure and blue-collar training would probably take a hit to your social life.  Somehow, I was still able to spend time with family and friends.  I used to a lot a day in a week to meet up with non running friends and I’m trying to make the most of my off-season for my family and friends in the celebration of the Christmas Season.  I’m not as visible as I used to but I’m still around.  Looking forward to a great 2012 getaways with family and friends.

My Gratitude

I’d always want to end this Year of the Franc blogs with a message of thanks.  Thanks to everybody who shared the year with me, helped me in the things I chased, joined me in my adventures and supported me through thick and thin.  2011 won’t be a good year without you.

My 2012

2012 will be another crazy and fun-filled ride.  It’s gonna be a new beginning, It’s gonna be new goals to fulfill.  It’s gonna be new disciplines to conquer.  It’s gonna be new places to uncover.  It’s gonna be new riddles to unravel.  It’s gonna be a fantastic 2012 and I’m ready for it!!! Bring it ON!!!

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