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The Zombie Journals: Outbreak Assault

Posted by on 20. October 2014

Hosla Building played host to the next strain in the Outbreak Universe. The place is creepy on its own even without zombies in it.

“The Humans take the next step in the Zombie apocalypse world as they try to clear or contain the Building from Zombies.  The operation gets complex as they have to do side missions given by the characters and encounter a mind-blowing twist that could leave their mission in Peril.  Anybody can do a zombie apocalypse simulation but only Outbreak Manila can make it feel like the real thing. “

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Hero or the Horde?

Taking the Side of the Humans this Side

The battle of the Humans and the Horde has been a volatile one with the Horde growing their ranks in the several Outbreaks.  The Human on one hand has started finding ways to find the cure or a way to control the zombies in the different Missions.  The ZFranc in me got contained when I ingested the cure at Filinvest and went on to explore the Mission at Intramuros with the Humans.  The Humans have been a hero in the battle but with some personal interest by the rebellion, the brotherhood and one Dr. Adarna, the sides has been conflicted.  There’s always the Zombie strain inside of me though I’ve tried to assimilate myself ones again in the human world living a normal life.  I still have some unanswered questions to fully regain my humanity and that search led me to Hosla Building (CDCP) as part of the Humans trying to clear the zombies in the building.

The Battle Lines Have Shifted

Team OMZ vs Team Redwing

The battle is different lines is different from the previous Outbreaks with Dr. Adarna missing in action and Team Redwing and their civilian recruits holding the fort for the humans.  I went on to shadow humans in their quest to clear the building of Zombie infestation.  The humans were armed with a variety of riffle for a real life shoot ’em up experience as the zombie horde attacks.

A Red Wing Operative named Ghost guides his recruit for the mission.

The mission starts with a briefing and a quick weapons training.  Each band of civilian volunteers get a Red Wing operative named Ghost to guide them on their mission on how to combat the Zombies.  The Hosla building (CDCP) being an old abandoned building looks really creepy and the zombies took this to their advantage.  There were several floors of the building and each with zombies lurking in the area.

Scientists gives the participants a mini-mission across the Assault.

It turn out the distress signals received by Team Redwing comes from a group of scientist doing their research in the building.  They had their resources drained and are left with untrained civilians to carry out their mission.  The scientists lays out some mini missions to help the civilians be able to unlock the next mission in the Outbreak.  There are some surprises along the way as the horde gets to attack the scientist leaving the civilians with their ghost to carry out the remaining mission.

The fate of humanity rest on your hands

The civilians get to encounter a variety of zombies along the way and through their Ghost, they get a better chance at survival.  The zombies gets a lot tougher though as the floor reach a higher level.  At times gunshot can just immobilize them and they can resurrect in time.  This escalates the scarefest as the civilians finds hidden clues in the building.

The humans may be armed but the horde has the numbers.

Zombie can come from all sorts of areas.  They have become restless and the sounds of their growl and the banging in walls can be spine-tingling and hair-raising and can even paralyze the civilians from fright.  The horde has also the numbers so humans should be fast and be able to use their shots wisely before getting into the next refilling station.

The horde can surprise you from all corners.

The top floor gives you the toughest zombies who are able to resurrect faster and needs more gunshots to paralyze them.  They are also more aggressive at this level.  The key part of the floor is finding a scientist who have been attacked and you have to unlock a formula to get past this part.

Some of the scientists turn into members of the horde.

The scientist are in transition to becoming zombies and try to leave clues on the formula.  This is also the part that the Ghost discover that the scientist are working for Dr. Adarna and that the mission got more dangerous because of his obsession with zombie propagation.  They try to escape the floor via the ramp but it won’t be easy as the zombies have resurrected and are more aggressive.

The Zombies attack one final time before the escape from the building.

The ramp leads to the mezzanine area where you eventually meet Boss Charlie who confirms that Dr. Adarna has been behind the outbreak.  He gives the coordinates of the next mission and the horde gives the civilians one last surprise as they have to scamper and find a way to escape the room before they can flee for safety.

Hero or the Horde?

ZFranc Returns

Humanity is not that pure.  They have their own vested interest to protect and that led them to betray each other.  The assault on the Outbreak Manila Zombies has awaken something sleeping within me.  Zombies can be loyal to their cravings yet humanity can be prone to betrayal.  The Zombie Strain has taken over and I come to realize that…

This is the Zombie Journals, The Hero is the Horde!!!

The Battle has shifted in favor of the horde as dark of the night took over.

ZFranc was back and I immediately went to the toughest floor and all ready to unleash the wrath of the horde from the Assault of Humanity.  The zombie strain not only took over it got stronger as its been repressed for about a year now.  I’ve gathered the horde and vowed to give humanity the toughest time in our area.  We got them paralyzed and helpless and just escaping by the skin of their teeth.  Team Horde has leveled up as the day starts crossing over the night and the darkness starts to become their ally.

Bring it ON!!! Team Horde is Ready!!!

This was our stronghold and the only way to get past this part was for them to scamper fast enough and exhaust their lungs with all the screams they can generate.  We meant business.  We’ve setup a surprise by the exit ramp.  We took advantage of the time they were paralyze for the horde to gather up for one final chase.  We made it worth their while.

This is what Outbreak Assault is all about!

As the darkness came, I shifted to the third level hoping to stop the assault at first encounter.   We went on to attack the scientist and the civilians even before their mission was laid out.    The scarefest gets to the extreme with the darkness overpowering the Hosla Building (CDCP) and each corner of the building gets a lot creepier.  My undead state became in peril as I met one scientist armed with a rifle.  Bullets went on to conquer my body yet the zombie strain in me was strong enough to escape.

Even Redwing Forces didn’t escape the Zombies Wrath

As we saw the last wave of humanity dare to enter the building, we then gathered up all the horde’s forces in the mezzanine level for one final scare.  Outbreak Assualt may have been humanity’s fight back but the Outbreak Manila Zombies still lives on.  There may be some who met their end but those who remain vows a stronger battle in the future.  Get your coordinates checked as we guarantee you we would be there and yes…

We Are Ready!!! 

We Are Ready For the Next Assault.!!!

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