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The Zombie Journals: Unmasking the Werewolf Zombie

Posted by on 16. April 2014

Alecs and the Werewolf Zombie- Photo by Pef Decena

“Alecs and the Werewolf Zombie are both creatures of the night.  One has caught the attention of humanity trying to survive the Outbreak while the other one has been practically all around the place as a student and a budding Photojournalist.  Get to know more about the beautiful person behind the mystical Werewolf Zombie.

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It’s All About Alecs

Alecs is a beauty inside and out in person – Photo by Angelo M. Gomez

Her presence captivates the Outbreaks even as they fight to survive the Outbreak or fulfill their mission.  The Werewolf Zombie in her own mystical ways has drawn the admiration of both the humans and the horde.  There’s something about her savage Werewolf Character that radiates her charms as she howls her way during the beautiful full moon in search for her next meal.

One on One: Alecs vs Werewolf Zombie

To the Zombie World, she’s the Zombie Crush ng Bayan, the Werewolf Zombie.  Her human character is a do-it-all fresh face that juggles her time with home, school and her rich extra-curricular life.  She’s more than a pretty face and unmasking the werewolf zombie gives us an even better appreciation of the young lady named, Alecs Ongcal.

Even my Z has been a captive to the Werewolf Zombie’s charm – Photo by Pef Decena

Franc: How does it feel to be admired by people as the Werewolf Zombie?

Alecs: It is flattering that people love my character.  It’s one of the reasons I love being a zombie because people acknowledge my efforts.

The Werewolf Zombie – Photo by Pef Decena

Franc: How did you become an Outbreak Manila Zombie?

Alecs: It was in Outbreak BGC when we sent an audition video with 5 of my friends. I ended up as a patient zombie on my first outbreak.

Alecs is part of the Outbreak Manila Zombie Horde – Compiled by Dan Ramon Geromo

Franc: What inspired you to create the Werewolf Zombie persona as your zombie character in Outbreak Manila?

Alecs: At Outbreak BGC, I saw how people made a lot of effort to come up with their zombie persona.  I was challenged to come up with a better character.  Since it was Halloween and the Outbreak had a mystical feel in Enchanted Kingdom, I decided to create the werewolf zombie.

The Werewolf Zombie was born at Outbreak Enchanted Kingdom – Photo by Pef Decena

Franc: What are the similarities between the Werewolf Zombie and Alecs?

Alecs: We both value our alone time.  We are both a night person. We both eat a lot and anything. We are both very active and physical.

Plain and Simple Alecs – Photo by Edmar Borromeo

Franc: What are the differences?

Alecs: I’m more of an extrovert while the Werewolf Zombie is an Omega or a lone wolf.  Another thing is when angry the werewolf zombie goes on a rampage while you’ll know I’m angry or annoyed when I become silent.

The Different Faces of Alecs

Franc: We all know that the Werewolf Zombie hunts her prey on the full moon, what keeps Alecs busy on regular days?

Alecs: I’m busy with school being a freshman in college.  I also love photography and do photojournalist work from time to time.

Alecs is a Freshman in College.

Franc: Which is your favorite Outbreak?

Alecs: It’s Outbreak Enchanted Kingdom since the mystical feel of the park was perfect for a zombie outbreak and Halloween.

Franc: Aside from the Werewolf Zombie, you also showed us different zombie characters?  Tell us about the other characters.

Alecs: My first character was a patient for my first outbreak.  I was the werewolf zombie at Enchanted Kingdom and Filinvest.  I also did Alice in Zombieland at BGC.  I was a soldier in Intramuros to match the venue.

The different Faces of Z Alecs – Photos from Outbreak Manila

Franc: What other characters would you like to portray in the Outbreak?

Alecs:  That’s for them to know in the future outbreaks.  It’s going to be a surprise.

Franc: You also love doing cosplays, what characters have you portrayed already?

Alecs: I’ve portrayed Asami of Legend of Korra, Suki of Legend of Aang and Zatana of the Justice League.

Alecs as Zatana of Justice League (Photo by Monch Puentabella) and Suki of Legend of Aang (Photo by John Valdevieso)

Franc: What’s next for Alecs Ongcal?

Alecs: For now, my priorities are my studies and developing my photojournalist skills.  I also want to do some business someday.

Alecs is developing her skills as a Photojournalist – Photo by Grig Montegrande

Franc: Any last message from the werewolf zombie and Alecs Ongcal?

Werewolf Zombie: Awoooo….

Alecs: Keep following the Outbreak as there are still a lot of surprises.  Are you ready for the next one? And can you survive it?

Animation by Meia Ramos Alvarez

Catch the future outbreaks and get to see more of Alecs Ongcal, the werewolf zombie and her different zombie persona.

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