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The Zombie Journals: Unmasking the Rockstar Zombie

Posted by on 28. January 2013

Rockin’ the Horde – Photo by Pauline Alvarez

* Unmasking the Rockstar Zombie is a feature on the Rockstar Zombie for topping the “Who’s your favorite Zombie? poll last December.

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The horde has spoken and we have the Rockstar Zombie as their favorite zombie winning the title by the string of her guitar.   Of course, there’s nothing much to lose being part of the undead, all the zombies who battled it out gets to have “The Zombie Journals” shirt.   Beyond the shirt let’s go further and unmask the person behind the Rockstar Zombie.

Jo: Serrano: The Person Behind the Rockstar wearing the OMZ The Zombie Journals Shirt.

We have the guitar-wielding, rip-rocking and heartbeat-stopping creature of the night in the form of the Rockstar Zombie and on one end we met a fresh-out-of-her-teens, sport-loving and head-turning pretty face in Jo Serrano a.k.a. the woman behind the Rockstar.  Let’s get to know how this pretty face ended up being the now-popular Rockstar Zombie.

Franc: How does it feel being the favorite Zombie in this poll?

Jo: It feels awesome and I also like to congratulate everyone as well since everyone won a shirt courtesy of Franc Ramon and Touch the Sky Graphics. I guess being zombie has a way of making someone feel like a celebrity or something. I never knew being a scary walking dead person would create such an impact.

The Rockstar Zombie and Jo Serrano – Zombie Photo by Zeus Martinez

Franc: What can you say are the similarities between you and the Rockstar Zombie?

Jo: Honestly, I can say that the Rockstar Zombie and I have a lot of similarities. We both play the guitar. We listen to the same music. We have the same style of fashion. We like seeing people scared just for the fun of it. No offense. Also we like to entertain people and give them an awesome time.

Franc: How about differences?

Jo: Well the difference I guess is that one is still alive, while the other one is dead and still rocking it. I eat good food. She eats people aka flags. One plays a guitar while the other plays and puts flags in a broken guitar.

Franc: How did you become an Outbreak Manila Zombie?

Jo Serrano (in white): Then a Survivor and Now a Zombie

Jo: I actually auditioned for the part when the second Outbreak was going to be in BGC. My friend, Maureen Romera, was a zombie in the first Outbreak Manila held in Nuvali while I was one of the 5,000 runners during that time. My so called zombie friend chased me even though we’re FRIENDS. Can you believe that? But I got away from her and still got my flags in tacked.

So after the first Outbreak, I wanted to try what it was like being a zombie. The audition process was easy. Just video yourself, put red paint on your face, and act like a zombie. I had to shower just to get rid of the paint because washing my face just made my face red.

I got in and had my first zombie debut in Outbreak BGC as a Cheerleader Zombie. Not really creative and I just borrowed that outfit from a friend who’s studying in Assumption College. Of course, the runners assumed that I came from Assumption which was a fail experience for me, but it was still fun.

A Cheerleader and a Rockstar – Zombie Photo by Vitt Salvador

Franc: What inspired you to create the Rockstar Zombie persona as your zombie character in Outbreak Manila?

Jo: To be honest, it was a crammed look. I was actually planning to go as the black swan or white swan from the movie “Black Swan” starring Natalie Portman, but I got lazy and I have to invest on the outfit so I decided to save money and thought of something that I already have. Nothing like ripped jeans and white tank top would fix my budget.

I started thinking of this look because I was in a band back then. I had these old studded accessories that I don’t wear anymore just lying around in my room, some skull punk accessories, even a fingerless glove with the band “Misfits” on it. During that time, rock music and bands were popular to my generation. My batch mates would be listening to bands like Fall Out Boy, Sum 41, Blink 182, Yellowcard and even songs from guitar hero. Also most of my batch mates are very musically inclined, but majority of the bands are all guys and you rarely see girls play music. I was one of the few people that were in a band, but it is not really a big deal.

So I had the ripped jeans and shirt, the accessories, some old chucks, even I got a jacket that looks leather that I still wear to make the outfit look good. But one thing was missing with my outfit. I thought I look like some biker chick or something, until I thought of my old broken guitar to make the look obvious to people what I was portraying. Then *poof* the Rockstar Zombie was born/dead.

Franc: Tell us about the broken guitar.

The now famous guitar

Jo: The broken guitar was actually my first guitar. I asked my dad if I could have a guitar because I wanted to learn how to play it. Then one day he got me one. I remember I was so happy when I got home from high school. It was actually a Weinstein guitar, which is worth P1k.  I didn’t complain at that time because I was still learning how to play it. I played a lot of songs with that guitar and had some awesome memories with it. It even got me closer to my crush HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! *cough*  That’s old news… I even modified it a bit just to make it sound better, from the strings to its poor saddle.

The day when it broke, I was shocked. It was during the school assembly.  My classmate was just playing with it by making it stand on its own. I was talking to my friend until I heard it fall and its string vibrated in a very bad sound. I was shocked at that time, and was bummed out the entire day. My friends and I even made a R.I.P. sign on it and people would just look at it.

Franc: You’ve been a runner in Nuvali and a Zombie in BGC and Enchanted Kingdom, which one is your favorite Outbreak?

Jo: I would have to say Outbreak Enchanted Kingdom. The reason is because of the location. It felt like a real zombie land experience if you ever watched the movie. Also, the paths were so narrow that if ever I was a runner. I would actually have more thrills because of the difficulty.

Outbreak Nuvali would happen to be my second favorite because it marked the first ever zombie fun run. The only thing I didn’t like about the first was the scorching heat. Runner or zombie you’ll probably die after running. Well not really, but you would probably complain about the heat.

Outbreak BGC would have to be an average for me even though I started being a zombie on that event. I guess the reason why it was my least experience is because it rained and I didn’t get my zombie goody bags from the organizers. Even zombies have feelings you know?

Franc: Will we see more of the Rockstar Zombie or you’re thinking of introducing a new character?

Jo: Honestly, it is uncertain. The Rockstar Zombie was a good character to portray, but there’s a huge chance I won’t be able to portray it anymore. Well one reason is because my broken guitar has been thrown away after Outbreak Enchanted Kingdom. Apparently, the helpers were cleaning my room and they threw the trash with my broken guitar with it. Some random guy just took it from our trash can. He is probably going to fix it if he can.

I was bummed out when I found out, and it had sentimental value as well, but I guess this is a way to move on actually. They say too much sentimental stuff is bad. It makes you stay in the past. This might be a way to move on to the future!

I still have guitars back home but not broken ones. If ever I might portray it again. I have to improve it to make it look better. Who knows? You have to wait for the next outbreak to find out.

Awaiting the Next Outbreaks? – Photo by Chris Paragas

Franc: What other zombie persona would you want to portray?

Jo: I actually want to portray a funny character. Someone who would see me they’ll know who I was trying to portray. I want to try a Katy Perry Zombie, but I don’t have the boobs for it. My sister also suggested I do a Lady Gaga Zombie, the look in the “Telephone” video, where she was only covered with police tape. HAHA!  But seriously I said “fat chance”.

Well whatever persona I’ll be portraying, I would still be going for the scary zombie type of character just so I can see the funny faces of the runners. No pun taken. It’s my job to scare people… even if they may look funny.

Franc:  While we know the Rockstar Zombie is busy with her gigs, what keeps you busy?

Jo: Well I’m busy with school. I’m a 4th year college student, hoping if no problems will happen to me this semester, I’ll graduate on time on June 2013. Also I have a part-time job in a yoga studio called Urban Ashram Manila in Kapitolyo Pasig. If ever you might call that place, I would probably be the one answering the phone. Also, I have my own Photo Booth business, which has been running since 2011. So I guess those are things that keep me busy.

Plain and simple Jo Serrano

Franc: So what’s next in line with Jo Serrano?

Jo:  I’ll be the same as the 43,000+ people who liked the Outbreak Manila like page, waiting for the next Outbreak Manila that will hit the Metro.

For now, I still have my last few units in school to finish before I can say I am “unemployed”. Technically, I’m “self-employed/part-timer”.  Afterwards, I’ll probably look for a job nearby in Las Pinas to be independent.

Maybe learn more like take masters, do a short vocational course in something, or better yet be a bum for a while. Haha!

I also have my photo booth to do even after I graduate from college.

The Rockstar Zombie pretending to be human at The Live More Run

Franc:  Speaking about your photo booth business.  Tell us more about it.

Jo: This photo booth business is actually a requirement in school. My batch mates and I are required to start a small business and meet a certain quota to pass the course. My business is doing ok but I am still aiming to earn more from it. If ever you might need a photo booth for you event you can check out my Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/Photonoia.Booth

Franc: Anything else the Rockstar Zombie and Jo Serrano would want to tell?

Jo: I would like to thank again to the voters and supporters who made The Rockstar Zombie your favorite zombie. You guys just made one zombie feel like she did her job which is to scare the hell out of people and also entertain them as well. Also, congratulations again to the OMZs who also took part Franc’s Contest.

Rockstar Zombie: *graaaawwraaaawwwoooaaaawwwwrrr* *nod*

The Zombie Journals

Franc: I know this is still months away but can you invite them to the next outbreak?

Jo: I would like to invite you guys to experience the fun that is Outbreak Manila! I hope to kill *cough*… I mean… see you guys in the next installment of Outbreak Manila that will hit nearby the Metro. That will come very soon… I hope. I’m waiting in anticipation as we speak. *excited*

With that we close the first book of the Zombie Journals and open the 2013 Zombie Journals so stay tuned to new Outbreak Manila Zombies to be featured on this site.

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