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The Zombie Journals: The Werewolf Zombie

Posted by on 7. November 2012

The Zombie Werewolf – Photo by Zeus Martinez

The Outbreaks

Featured Zombies

Outbreak Enchanted Kingdom

The echoes of the screams at Enchanted Kingdom still lingers from the Outbreak that came and took so many life flags from those who survived and those who didn’t.  The Outbreak has left its mark and so did hundreds of flag thirsty zombies that came, that ate and that conquered.  There is just something in the Enchanted Kingdom that attracts mystical forces into its fold.  While we get to hear about hybrids like werewolf and a vampire combining forces in a single super strong mystical being.  What if a mystical werewolf gets to collide with the forces of the undead?  You get a one mean and powerful Werewolf Zombie.

Omega Werewolf

An Omega Werewolf – Photo by Chris Paragas

An Omega is a werewolf who’s been banished from its pack by the Alpha, who is the leader of the pack, to leave a solitary existence.  An Omega is also called a lone wolf.  Alecs was an Omega after she was banished due to her attempt to overthrow the current Alpha and thus became an outcast to the rest of the pack.   She wandered aimlessly for food and her thirst grew by the day and night.  On a full moon, Alecs spotted a weak prey, a zombie.  Filled with a lust for blood and guts, she attacked the zombie and little did she know that the zombie was a part of the horde.  She awakened as a different being, one with the speed and instincts of a werewolf and the invulnerability of a Zombie.  The Werewolf Zombie was born.

The Werewolf Zombie

Ready to fill her life-flag lusts. – Photo by Arthur Gimena

The Werewolf Zombie joined the zombie horde and their next meal was at a theme park on the 31st of October 2012. It was a full moon, which made the Werewolf Zombie even  stronger and hungrier.  The full moon further heightened her thirst for life flags.  She would sit in the middle of the road awaiting for runners to pass.  As they approached, she would howl at them and give them a hungry stare.  She would pounce right in front of them and chase and bark at them if they run. She would also climb on fences, growling, and hang on light post while waiting from them. She would also hide/stand in dark corners like the ramp at Rio Grande and await as runners approach before surprising them with an attack.

Awaiting Runners – Photo by Art Ten

The Werewolf Zombie continues to haunt the land of the living and crave for those life flags.  Be wary of howls you hear at night as these may mean that the Werewolf Zombie is just nearby waiting for the right time to strike and get your life flags.  Oh well, that’s what makes it real FUN.

The Super Mystical and the Super Powerful Ones. – Photo  by Pauline Alvarez from CNN iReport

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