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The Zombie Journals: The Dancer Zombie

Posted by on 2. April 2014

The Dancer Zombie Up Front and Personal – Photo by Jimrod Tan

 “Dance is the art that tells a story with every passionate movement. But for an undead, the only story any movement tells is certain doom for its unsuspecting victim.  The Dancer Zombie confuses most runners, often moving un-zombielike instead of zeroing on the living like the others. Many run past this zombie, relieved that it didn’t give chase, only to look back and see themselves within inches of losing their last flag or last teammate. Beware next Outbreak for any moves from this Dancer will not be entertaining for you.”

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The Dancer

Animation by Meia Ramos Alvarez

Outbreak Manila has brought in variety of zombise but one late bloomer had upbeat music, his energetic dance moves and his hopeless romantic persona to blame for his life on the horde’s side.  He lights up the venue with his all-out performance inspired by the synergy to the music of his lost love.

He comes with his energetic dance move and his charisma – Photo by Paul Del Rosario Photography

Akira was a fast rising dancer with dance tracks and moves that’s been followed by millions of people.  His inspiration was a Rockstar named Jo. The music she plays and the dance he performs complemented each other.  The love they had was the one that inspired him to come with those popular dance tracks and with his moves, people saw how happy he was to be with the Rockstar.

His heart belongs to a Rockstar – Photo by Pef Decena

Akira’s fate would change as he accompanied Jo with his band on her way to Enchanted Kingdom.  This would be their first gig together.  There was a pedestrian that slowly crossed their path. Jo, who was driving the car at such a fast pace, swerved the car to avoid the pedestrian and hit the wall.  Akira was unconscious after the accident.  When Akira regained consciousness, Jo was missing and her band mates were dead.

Akira also noticed that there was chaos in the grounds of Enchanted Kingdom He thought Jo may have perished from the zombie attack.  Akira, wounded and all, found a way to inch himself out of the massacre.  He felt devastated for whatever happened to Jo and the death of her band mates.  He continued his performance as it was the only thing that mattered next to Jo but his passion was tainted with sadness though his natural talent was enough to make him a star.

His Life Would Change During a Gig in Filiinvest – Photo from Outbreak Manila

Almost a year have passed from that fateful day and Akira still tried to look for Jo though all efforts ended in vain.  One night while he had a gig in Festival Mall in Alabang, he was caught in shock when a group of doctors occupied the mall and the next thing he knew there were already zombies lurking in the mall.

He saw people confused by the people in orange and the two doctors in their quest for the cure for the zombie virus.  Akira just wanted to survive.  As he was about to exit the mall via the delivery bay, he saw a familiar face, it was Jo but in a different form. She was the Rockstar Zombie wielding her guitar.

He saw the Rockstar wielding her guitar in Zombie Form – Photo by Joms Antonio

Akira froze as he saw the love of his life and since he heard of the cure people were looking for. He hid himself and joined the quest as people searched for the cure.  He saw the male doctor named Dr. Alfonso Adarna, who gave him the cure and he rushed to find the Rockstar Zombie once again.  When he saw the Rockstar Zombie, he gave her the cure in hopes to revive the Jo she has grown to love.

The cure he got didn’t work and was turned by the Rockstar into the side of the horde. – Photo from Outbreak Manila

It was not the right cure and there was no change.  The Rockstar Zombie smashed Akira’s head with her guitar and turned him into a zombie.  He woke up again and this time as a part of the horde.

He now dances his way towards those precious life flags. – Photo by Jimrod Tan

It was a bittersweet reunion as the love they once had as humans now holds true in the horde.  Akira got his wish to be reunited with Jo but this time the fame they once craved was now replaced by the constant craving for brains and life flags.  This was their happily ever after and the performance they once shared is now replaced with grunting that sent shivers to the followers they once inspired.  Don’t follow the music and the dance beat as at the end of the note comes a fearsome musical zombie couple.

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Disclaimer: “The events and characters depicted in this are fictitious. Any similarity to actual persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental”

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