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The Zombie Journals: The Rockstar Zombie

Posted by on 12. November 2012

The Rockstar Zombie – Photo by Zeus Martinez

The Outbreaks

Featured Zombies

Outbreak Enchanted Kingdom

Another thing that brings magic to the Enchanted Kingdom is music.  Little did we know that the music would be of a different kind when Outbreak Enchanted Kingdom made its mark on All Hallows Eve.  The rhythm of the screams, the symphony of grunting zombies and the strong hard strides from participants running for their lives.   One zombie relishes from her love for music and you’ve seen her wielding her broken guitar just waiting for their life flags.  Even in her undead form, she had charisma and was born (err… died) to entertain yet don’t stay calm and just feel the beat of her music, run cause she loves life flags more than the music her broken guitar can bring.  She is the Rockstar Zombie and she’s here to rock the life out of you.

The Rockstar Zombie

Are you ready for my Music? – Photo from Outbreak Manila

While zombies were making their way to Enchanted Kingdom for a life flag feast, the rockstar  zombie had a different story to tell.  Jo and her band were on her way to Sta. Rosa for a gig in Enchanted Kingdom in the grandest night for the undead which was Halloween.  Like any lover of music would do, Jo and her band were listening to artists like Guns and Roses, Coldplay, Incubus, Sum 41, Blink 182 and many others while driving going there.   They were singing their hearts out and playing their musical instruments when they realized that they were running late and it was getting dark.   Jo stepped on the gas for fear of being late in their gig or killed by their manager for missing their performance.  Running at around 60 km/hour, she finally was happy to see the Ferris Wheel at Enchanted Kingdom when suddenly a slow pedestrian walked crossed the street.  She stepped on the break, turned the wheel to avoid the pedestrian and smashed into the wall.  Credit her drivers instinct, Jo survived though her band mates did not.

Come here my music and give those life flags. – Photo by Chris Paragas

Jo was shouting for help and she saw the slow pedestrian approaching and as the silhouette came closer, it wasn’t a pedestrian.  It was a zombie.  Using her guitar as protection, she smashed her guitar to the zombie’s and ran to warn other people but ended up facing a horde of zombies.  She tried fighting them off with her broken guitar until she was eventually overwhelmed by the horde and with her last push as a human, she ran into the hunted house and when she got out of it the transformation was complete.  She was now a zombie and not just an ordinary zombie, she was THE Rockstar Zombie.

  Rocking the EK Brigade – Photo by Art Gimena

She wandered through the different attractions awaiting her prey and grabbing life flags all over the place.  The Rockstar Zombie carried her show towards the hunted house in the finish line for the runner’s grand finale.  She surprised runners getting their flags despite holding her guitar.   She chased… She scared… She Rocked…  It didn’t matter if they were children, teenagers, adults, superheroes and all sort of characters.   She was the star of this show and she loved every bit of the experience.  She cherished each life flag and ended up putting all the collected life flags inside her dead guitar.

Just so you know she rocked the show. – Photo by Jo Serrano.

The Rockstar zombie definitely rocked Outbreak Enchanted Kingdom.  Her charisma and appeal not only won the hearts of her legion of followers but their life flag as well.  She’s definitely part of the all star cast of Outbreak Manila Zombies and a proud member of the horde.  The Rockstar Zombie  is waiting for another rock show to feast on more life flags on future outbreaks.

A Ballerina and a Rockstar – Photo by Vitt  Salvador

On days and nights she does not have a zombie performance gig, she does enjoy photography and own a photo booth business. Visit her Photonoia Photo Booth facebook page here.

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