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The Zombie Journals: Outbreak BGC

Posted by on 29. July 2012

Photo courtesy of Jeff Lo/Lemuel So of Pinoyfitness

Life I Used to Have

“I was barely alive and on a solo effort, I gallantly tried to avoid three successive zombies. I went to the left and I was able to evade the first.  The next one, I faked a move to the right before sprinting to the left to escape the second one and tried to go to the extreme left but I got caught.” (Oubreak Manila Nuvali). Those were the last things I remembered of my life.  The next part was that I was zombie lost and wandering in my mindless form searching for food. The wandering lasted for months until a week ago as I met droves of zombies and the leader of their horde who was planning an Outbreak in BGC. I joined them and I know this is gonna be a good source of food and even in my undead form I was still able to run and chase people.

Then and Now with the Michael Jackson Zombie

Outbreak BGC (Incoming: Outbreak BGC)


Outbreak BGC was set to happen on the 28th of July Twenty Thousand and Twelve and the food (err I mean runners) were set to take on 5 Kilometer route using the International School Area, Triangle Drive and 8th Avenue Area with the finish line being in 34th Street. The Runners get to pass through various obstacles like Zombies hate bells at the rundown, a difficult maze and hundreds of zombies along the way.  And by the way, this is gonna happen at nightfall.  There would be about 7,000 runners scattered in 37 waves including a desperate, a last chance and  a celebrity wave.  This is gonna be a feast.

Team Total Fitness Zombies

With co-Team Total Fitness Zombies James Orlanda

Team Total Fitness would a part of the Horde. I’m joined by speedster James and Rojan and we’ll be tapping some reinforcements in Kyx, Enzo, Inja and Tezza for our area.  Another bunch of Team Total Fitness would be Zombie bait is Daisy, Joan and Mike  with their army of Lara, Nicole, Isa, Topher and Gryf.  This is gonna be interesting.  We were designated to guard Zone R which included the finish line and around the 200m mark of the race.  We get to welcome them at the start and we get to chase them down to the finish line.  This is gonna be tough but will be really fun.

The Outbreak Begins

Must Eat FLAGS!!!!

Photo courtesy of Jeff Lo/Lemuel So of Pinoyfitness

As the clock hit 6 0’clock, the first wave of zombie bait was released and FLAGS we ate a lot.  We blocked the road, we worked in packs, we did covert attacks and we chased them and chased them real hard.  Some runners lost their flags and some even gave them voluntarily.  The runners had the scare of their life.  Some of them froze.  Some of them panicked.  Some of them taunted and got chased.  We loved it when they attack as groups because, they were also decreasing their room to maneuver.  For the finishers, we gave them a chase them for a sprint finish special.

Photo courtesy of Jeff Lo/Lemuel So of Pinoyfitness

As the night went by, the rain started drizzling and eventually became a strong rain but the show must go on.  We continued pursuing runners and with the rain, there came puddles of waters.   This made it a lot of fun.  We blocked off the area and allowed the puddle of water open which gave the runners an option, flags or mud.  It was amusing to see them get dirty and at the same time be scared.  Wave after another, they had to go through this option.  We also reduced chasing down runners towards the finish line because it was already getting slippery except probably those who taunted to be chased.  Of course, scaring them is a non stop process as what fun would a Zombie outbreak be without people getting scared.  The last wave was extra special as the chasing started from the start area and it was mayhem in an outbreak. And that’s 7 hours of continuous running, striding, sprinting and walking around for this Outbreak and under the falling skies.

Photo courtesy of Jeff Lo/Lemuel So of Pinoyfitness

Part of the Outbreak, we’re a lot of mishaps.  The most common of which was slipping or getting pushed.  There’s also those extreme cases like one bumped into the steel wall and another group fell face first in the muddy water.  Some were resilient enough to go on after such mishap and some needed medics attention.  Yet even in our undead ways, we got to see some interesting things like boyfriend leaving the girlfriend just to run away from zombies or a mother taking the sacrifice just to have her younger daughters safe from zombie attack or people pleading for their life or Spideman pretending to spun web to no avail or Batman being chased down real hard. A lot of this and more I saw on this Outbreak.

Another Outbreak

A last memory for your dreams.

Would I relive the experience of another outbreak?  In a heartbeat, I’d say., YES.  More than the chance to get more flags, the scaring people is the one that makes it more appealing.  I guess, an outbreak won’t be an outbreak unless people get scared and fight real hard to save those flags.  It was a successful outbreak and I’m now looking forward to the next one and the chance to scare of fresh set of runners and write new chapters on this journals.  Maybe next time, we should team up with other supernatural creatures like vampires or werewolves or even the local folk lore, ‘aswang’ and that would really be an interesting outbreak.    Any other ways, we want more outbreaks… MUST EAT FLAGS.

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