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KSM Vertical Run 2016

I took it a step further when I covered the very 1st Kerry Sport Manila Vertical Race. I joined the fun climb which had us ascending 20 floors of Shangrila at the Fort. It was a really unique experience and thanks to Under Armour, I was also able to try the upcoming Charged Bandit Running Shoes. Continue reading »

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Incoming: NatGeo Run 2016

Nat Geo Run is a must run event in the racing calendar since it started 7 years ago. It gathers thousands of runners all united for the cause of the environment. #NatGeoRun2016 gets even better with the run simultaneously happening in 5 Cities, Singapore, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Tai Chung and Manila on April 17, 2016. Continue reading »

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Incoming: Run for Odyssey

CDO Run for Odyssey is a run for a cause. The proceeds would go to the Odyssey Foundation, which feeds malnourished and undernourished kids. Running the race help put food to a hungry tummy. Another reason to run is that it’s in BGC. If you’ve been running for more than 3 years, you’d know that BGC has been the main running hub for runners back then and here’s a throwback to those days. Expect a moderately challenging course as you navigate the climbs at Kalayaan Flyover, the long ascent at 5th Avenue and the rolling Lawton and Bayani Road terrain. Run for Odyssey is happening on November 8, 2015 with 5K, 10K and 21K categories to choose from. Register Now!!! Continue reading »

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Incoming: Run BGC 2014: The Urban Adventure

 Explore the various attractions of Bonifacio Global City (BGC) in a City Wide Scavenger Hunt with different puzzles to solve and physical challenges to conquer.  Run BGC Urban Adventure is a chance to appreciate the attractions of BGC and the value of team play as you work as a unit in unlocking 10 puzzles to … Continue reading »

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Incoming: St. Luke’s Run for Wellness

“With our collective efforts, we can create a positive change needed by a community reeling from the effects of the strongest typhoon to hit the country in recent history.  The Proceeds of St. Luke’s Run for Wellness will be used to help rebuild lives of Typhoon Yolanda. “ Heroes are born in times of distress … Continue reading »

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The Zombie Journals: OMZs Unleashed

“Being an OMZ is not just about being zombified, it’s also about creating characters and stories that people will make each moment of zombie apocalypse as realistic and earth-shattering as ever.  It’s not just about eating brains or grabbing flags, it’s doing it in style. Outbreak Manila and the OMZs has worked hand in hand … Continue reading »

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Incoming: BGC Cycle Philippines

Cycle Asia is the premier cycle events in the region organized by Spectrum Worldwide.  Among the recent ventures were the highly successful OCBC Cycle Singapore and OCBC Cycle Malaysia with 11,500 and 5,000 participants, respectively who enjoyed a rare chance of cycling on closed roads for this event.  The Cycle Asia event will also expand … Continue reading »

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The Zombie Journals: Outbreak BGC 2

Read also: Outbreak Manila  / Outbreak BGC  / Outbreak Enchanted Kingdom  / Incoming: Outbreak BGC2 “A Zombie Outbreak feels like a sprint as your heartbeat surges every so often except that one leads you to the finish line and the other one leads you to the buffet table.” Taking the Horde’s Way It’s been a year … Continue reading »

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Incoming: Energizer Night Race Manila 2013

Read About: Energizer Night Race 2011 Night Race Night race does not come as often as early morning races.  Among the night races that made an impact was Energizer Night Race.  I was able to run in Energizer Night Race in Bonifacio Global City in 2011 and it was a different environment..  While morning races … Continue reading »

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The Zombie Journals: Outbreak BGC

Photo courtesy of Jeff Lo/Lemuel So of Pinoyfitness Life I Used to Have “I was barely alive and on a solo effort, I gallantly tried to avoid three successive zombies. I went to the left and I was able to evade the first.  The next one, I faked a move to the right before sprinting … Continue reading »

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