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Nuun Dirt School Mount Makiling

The attack of the Limatiks, that’s how Nuun Dirt School felt to us. Aside from the wild encounter with the blood sucking leeches, Mount Makiling was a great refresher on technical trails and a long ascent to build on my endurance. Continue reading »

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Let the Kids Play at Nuun Dirt Pre-school

Kids belong outdoors and for one weekend, they got to enjoy the outdoors and the trails via Nuun Dirt Preschool. Camp N of Nuvali played host for a little dose of sunshine and a lot of dirt as they got to learn the basics of trail running and the importance of the environment last April 1, 2017. Continue reading »

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A Weekend of Eat and Run in Bacolod

Eat and Run Bacolod was a weekend filled with good food, wonderful people, scenic runs and a lot of wonderful memories. Adventouristas Inc. gave us a one-of-a-kind tour to better appreciate the trails, nature and the variety of delicacies. Continue reading »

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Weapon Of Choice: NUUN Electrolyte Enhanced Tablets

Being able to replenish the electrolytes in your system is really important when you train or race. I use to go with any available electrolyte drink until I got to try NUUN. NUUN is an electrolyte enhanced tablet that you can just mix with water for your hydration needs. I found it more practical just bringing the tablets instead of packing bottles of electrolyte drinks especially in remote areas. Continue reading »

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#TaleOfTheTrail Mount Makiling (Los Banos, Laguna)

Mount Makiling definitely is an enchanting place. Its rich forest reserve can really make up for the arduous task of navigating its peak. It will get you mesmerized by its raw beauty even as the technical nature of the trail challenges your endurance, mental toughness and overall body strength. #NuunDirtSchoolPH Continue reading »

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