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Weapon Of Choice: NUUN Electrolyte Enhanced Tablets

Posted by on 16. March 2016

Being able to replenish the electrolytes in your system is really important when you train or race.  I use to go with any available electrolyte drink until I got to try NUUN.  NUUN is an electrolyte enhanced tablet that you can just mix with water for your hydration needs.  I found it more practical just bringing the tablets instead of packing bottles of electrolyte drinks especially in remote areas.

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NUUN Electrolytes Enhanced Tablets

One of my readers requested me to talk more about NUUN when I spoke shortly of the product on my post on our Mount Makiling Trek (Nuun Dirt School) so here it goes.  Of course, I won’t be talking as an expert on the field of hydration but more on experience for the past 5-6 years of race hydration.  Electrolytes aids your system in water absorption. The goal in hydration is that you don’t feel thirsty and you don’t feel bloated either when you race.  Having better water absorption keeps your body functioning better.

Working Out Powered by NUUN

In a half marathon race that mostly had water, I felt so dry inside after the race that I had to drinks tons of water after the race just to rehydrate.  There was also a time that I had cramps because I was sweating out more than the water I am drinking since there were limited electrolyte drinks in the race.  In another race, I drank too much electrolytes drink and ended up feeling heavy and had bloated hands.  There was an electrolytes overload in my system, which I either had to sweat out or had to pee out of my system.  Electolytes matter in a race or training. Electrolytes will help alleviate cramps, improve muscles function, communicate and burn energy efficiently. It helps prevent dehydration. It’s always best to study the hydration setup before a race so you’ll know if you should bring your own hydration or not.

Mount Makiling Trek Powered by NUUN

Different electrolyte drinks can work during a race and should be part of your routine.   I got to try NUUN a few years ago and here are the reasons why it’s my weapon of choice when it comes to electrolyte drinks.

  1. It’s handy.  Instead of packing a huge stash of bottles, you just bring in one tube, which has 12 tablets in it.  You just add one tablet to 16 oz of water and you have your drink.  That helps a lot especially when you are in remote areas like I usually do when I trek mountains or run in the province.  Not all electrolyte drinks are available in remote areas so it helps to have a handy one.
  2. It has a variety of flavors.  I’ve probably lost count of all the flavors I’ve tried since they have a lot of flavors to choose from.  Variety matters especially when you train frequently or go on a long treks and races.   It’s also low in calorie and sugar.
  3. It gives you more control.  While one tablet is ideal for a 16 oz of water.  You can actually add more water if you feel you need to dilute some of the electrolytes just right for the volume of your activity.  It’s also nice to add a small dose of electrolytes in your regular drink to improve water absorption in your system.
  4. It’s not only for race day.  NUUN three main product-line.  Active is the ideal one for electrolyte replacement when you train or you race. Energy has a bit more caffeine and vitamins for that instant kick of energy.  All-Day gives a daily dose of vitamins for everybody.

Whether it’s to support my active lifestyle or grab my daily dose of vitamins, NUUN works for me.  It’s already a part of my gym bag as the just add water approach saves me a lot of time when I run or workout.  I just place one tablet and water in my hydration bottle and I’m good to go.  It’s also easier to use for my trail adventures as a few tablets can go along way. Even when I’ve consumed my hydration, I can easily replenish with water and a tablet of NUUN.

NUUN Energy also works well for me especially I get to multi task a lot and usually would need the added source of energy and kick in my system.  NUUN All Day is also a good boost to my health especially that you get more prone to getting sick once you are already peaking in your training. It’s also a NUUN for everybody as those vitamins can keep you protected from sickness.

I started using NUUN when I won a free tube in a Christmas party two years ago and I’ve been using it since then.  It’s available at Specialized Concept Store and Dans at Pasong Tamo, Makati, Maximus Athlete’s Shop Cafe at Sparta Complex and at R.O.X. in Bonifacio Global City.

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