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Let the Kids Play at Nuun Dirt Pre-school

Posted by on 3. April 2017
Coach Ige leads the kids in Nuun Dirt Pre-school

Coach Ige leads the kids in Nuun Dirt Pre-school

Kids belong outdoors and for one weekend, they got to enjoy the outdoors and the trails via Nuun Dirt Preschool.  Camp N of Nuvali played host for a little dose of sunshine and a lot of dirt as they got to learn the basics of trail running and the importance of the environment last April 1, 2017.

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Nuun Dirt School

Being a dirt schooler myself, I can say I really learned a lot from Nuun Dirt School with the several sessions I’ve joined.  Trail running is a skill we get to master with practice and of course, from interactions with people who’ve spent a lot of trail time like Coach Ige Lopez.  He’s a mountaineer and a triathlete and definitely can walk his talk when it comes to trail running.  For a change, I went to cover a really special session of Nuun Dirt School, which was their pre-school.  I found it the perfect way to de-stress from a the hectic work schedule I had lately.  The trails is indeed for everybody, Kids included.  It would be fun to see kids at play and enjoying the outdoors.

Pre School

Camp N was the perfect venue for the kids as Nuvali has a mini trail that safe for kids and also had fun, games and obstacles to keep those energetic kids occupied.  Handling 26 dirt pre-schoolers was a real challenge for Coach Ige but he was able to adjust his approach for the kids.  It started in a non-competitive (make that competitive as kids would always be competitive in any game) obstacle race which had the kids going over tile obstacles, climbing, crawling and running.  

The kids were separated into four groups and they took part in the obstacle 2 groups at a time.  Those kids are just bolts of energy as they’ve blitz the whole obstacle course in minutes.  You can really see that the kids were having fun along the course and Coach Ige were timing each participants (Like I said, it was non-competitive).

The energy and the laughter of the kids were really infectious.  This is how kids should enjoy their childhood, outdoors and having fun.  It was also fun to see the kids at play.  It may look chaotic at times but watching them was such a pleasure.  After the obstacle course, they took a hydration break to try out Nuun Hydration. Yes, Nuun is perfectly safe for kids and let me quote the kids, it taste like ice cold lemonade.  That had them refreshed, recharged and ready to go again.

Time to Hit The Trails

When kids run, they run real fast.

When kids run, they run real fast.

Up next was an actual trail run.  Camp N has a trail that run for 1.3 kilometers and it was divided into shorter segments so the kids can do a manageable relay race.  When kids run, they really run fast and that’s natural of them.  Coach Ige led the first group of kids who went to run the course.  Even if this was a short trail, Camp N was able to show different trail views and surfaces. There were open trails and there were also forested trails.

Let’s just say the kids gave their parents a hard time chasing them along the trail.  They were definitely having the time of their lives running the trails.  Let the kids experience a bit of dirt. They may have some bruises and scratches but it will give them appreciate the outdoors better.

They had a blast at the trail and they even have their own finish line after the race.  There should really be more trail runs for kids just to get them to have the hang of the outdoors.

Trail for Singles Only? I find this trail sign really funny.

Trail for Singles Only? I find this trail sign really funny.

After the trail run, Coach Ige shared some pointers on the importance of the environment to the kids.  They also got to get their lootbags for the event.  The kids then went on to enjoy the facilities of Camp N.

Meet Future Trail Runner Ellie Bellie.

Meet Future Trail Runner Ellie Bellie.

Kids at Play

After the session, the kids were allowed to play and it turns out that the camp was just a warm up for them.  They went through a maze, explored the place but they spent most of the time having fun in a wooden lever you had to balance by distributing the weight of the participants evenly.

It was really fun seeing the kids play here.  The bigger kids would try to find a way to balance the wooden lever but the younger kids would just run around it since it was more fun being bounced around from one side to another.  Kids would always be kids and let them be.

Let the Kids at Heart Play Too

I ended up trying the roller coaster zip line with the people from Nuun and it was a crazy ride.  The longer one had us screaming our way while being thrown up, down, left and right along the path of the zip line.  The short one was shorter but equally scary since we’d be bouncing around over 3 major looping drops.  Jecky and Claire also tried the rappel and the wall climb.

So cool how my On Running shoes matches my outfit and the Camp N helmet.

So cool how my On Running shoes matches my outfit and the Camp N helmet.

I guess the kids at heart had their share of fun as well.  When I was in Camp N a year ago and we had the first shot at the place before it was open to the public, I didn’t try this one. This time, before I even thought about trying it, the safety gear was already on.  I had no choice but to try it and I’m just glad I did.

” Life is a roller coaster ride.  It may take us up, down and even at times spiraling out of control but if you let the thrill play it’s role, you’ll end up enjoying the ride.”

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