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Be On The Go with E-Hydrate

E-hydrate is an all natural Protein on the Go hydration pack that can complement your active lifestyle and aid in muscle recovery and joints health. #HealthyOptionsPh #KnowtheWholeStory Continue reading »

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Weapon Of Choice: NUUN Electrolyte Enhanced Tablets

Being able to replenish the electrolytes in your system is really important when you train or race. I use to go with any available electrolyte drink until I got to try NUUN. NUUN is an electrolyte enhanced tablet that you can just mix with water for your hydration needs. I found it more practical just bringing the tablets instead of packing bottles of electrolyte drinks especially in remote areas. Continue reading »

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Fueling Your Runs with e-Gel

Nutrition is an important aspect of a race whether it’s a run or a multisport event. Your body needs to replenish lost fluids, salt and electrolytes. e-Gel brings in more energy and electrolytes than the regular gel which gives you more energy to finish strong. Continue reading »

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