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Be On The Go with E-Hydrate

Posted by on 6. April 2017

E-hydrate is an all natural Protein on the Go hydration pack that can complement your active lifestyle and aid in muscle recovery and joints health.  #HealthyOptionsPh #KnowtheWholeStory


I got to try out e-hydrate from Healthy Options to check if it can complement with my healthy and fit lifestyle.  Running has been a part of my system for the past seven years.  I still get to learn a thing or two about nutrition as of now and it’s good to explore a product like e-hydrate. Nutrition is something I have yet to master but it’s always best to get to try it out and see how your system reacts.   The first plus about e-hydrate is that it’s all natural.  It’s generally safer for the system.  Among the key products I tried would be their Premium Whey Blend + Electrolytes that comes in vanilla and chocolate flavor and Premium Whey Blend + Joint Health.  The e-hydrate with electrolytes would be an excellent nutrition sources when working out and the e-hydrate for joint health would be an excellent boost to the muscles and joints to strengthen it and help it recover from the strains of training.

E-Hydrate (Premium Whey Blend + Electrolytes)

I got to try out e-hydrate with electrolytes as my run hydration partner.  Protein is important in our system as it helps improve our metabolism as well as help in muscle generation while electrolytes helps our system in terms of water retention.   It’s really important to have a system of replenishing nutrients in our system as we sweat it out during our runs.  That’s were a hydration plan comes into place.  First thing I like about e-hydrate that I like is that it’s easy to grip on the run.  It can go in place of your water bottle. Just add water and you’re ready to go.

I’m good to go with just one e-hydrate right in the palm of my hand.  I had the vanilla flavor for this run.  It’s just light on the hand so it won’t feel like a chore when you run and you can alternate between hands too.  I would usually take a sip every 500 meters to 1 kilometer.  The key is never deprive your body of hydration to the point you are gasping for water already.  The taste of sweetened vanilla with cold water is such a thirst quencher.   It’s just the right amount of sweetness to jump start my system on the next stretch of the run. Overall, I did 45 minutes run around the park.  I consumed about 75% of the pack and finished the whole pouch after the run.  I didn’t feel lacking in energy and water in my system even on a hot and humid night.  It did give me a nice boost on the run and would be perfect too for longer runs, which require more electrolyte replenishment.  I do hope that they can make a fruity variant for variety as I also would want to mix the flavors when I run.  The e-hydrate can be an excellent work out hydration partner on your runs or when you work out.

E-Hydrate Active (Premium Whey + Joint Health)

E-Hydrate is not just your workout partner.  It can be just there to support you on the rigors of your daily life.   The main difference of this variant is it’s focused on giving you a healthy joints.  I tried it on a busy day at work.  Even or regular days, I don’t slouch around.  I take the stairs. I walk several blocks to get to my parking.  I usually do errands.  Keeping active, requires energy.  I tried E-Hydrate Active, which have a Milk Chocolate flavor.  I can say I am more active and more mobile with it. The milk chocolate flavor gives my my sugar dose without feeling like an indulgence since it comes from natural sweeteners.    I don’t feel sluggish and I am energized to last the rigors and stresses of the days.  It helped me recover faster and I was able to run on back to back days.   In between working out is recovery and that includes keeping those joints healthy and mobile on regular days.   The faster you recover, the more frequent you can train and the stronger you get.  It can be your go-to day to day drink to complement balancing work, life and training.  It’s an energy and protein source to keep you going to healthy enough to get the job done.


In a nutshell, E-hydrate can help power your day and your workout with ingredients that comes from natural sources.  It can go as your go-to energy drink for that regular electrolyte replenishment when you run or work out or that added dose of nutrients to keep the bones and joints healthy to reduce the wear and tear of having an active lifestyle.  The vanilla and chocolate flavors are not usual for energy drinks but it’s a good option as those can be still be excellent source of sugar and energy to power your work out.  It’s excellent to use on regular days or when you travel as it’s handy and easily dissolves in water.  E-Hydrate is available at Healthy Options.

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