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Why Do I Run??? #BrooksRunningPH

Posted by on 20. March 2015

Running is something that grows on you and sometimes you don’t even know why you run, you just do because it makes you feel complete.  #BrooksRunningPH and Ben Alves, a celebrity athlete tells you why he runs and how it has become a part of his day.

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Brooks Run Happy 3 Finish Line in the Sky Last Year

Brooks has brought in the shoe technology that had the runners in mind. It covers both runners who want a greater feel of the road with their lightweight shoes and those who want to feel the float in their run with their more cushioned models. They also have models for those who love the trails and the fresh outdoors.   Running has been a part of Brooks DNA as running has been a part and lifestyle of runners.  Ben Alves shares his passion on running and how running has been a part of who he is.  Ben Alves is a talent and a model of GMA Network and despite his hectic schedule, his love for running remains.  Brooks is the perfect shoe companion for passionate runners as it is designed and built with the runners needs in mind.  It’s definitely a happy run with Brooks.

Yes, Run Happy at it’s finest.

As for me, I’ve been running since 2010 and apart that it completes my day and keeps me healthy, running is already a lifestyle.  Races end but running doesn’t.  There are always new goals to chase and new records to achieve.  It’s your ultimate stress buster, endorphins-source and your passport to a healthier life ahead.   See you on the road!!!

How about you? What makes you run?

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