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Brooks Run Happy

Posted by on 22. May 2011

Distance: 15K
Time: 1 hour 45 minutes
Date: May 22, 2011
Pace: 7 minutes per kilometer

I didn’t have high expectation on my performance for this race as I was a struggling and sluggish lately but I did have a goal to finish the race injury free given that my last race had me suffering cramps.  What I didn’t expect was the late gun start, the unorganized water station and the scorching heat.  Just imagine having to endure the heat of the sun and as you approach the water station you had to queue just to get cups and water. Oh well, I need to get used to the heat wave that has been so evident even on training runs.

The runners was agitated at the late gun start since in a 15K run you’d like to run as much as you can before the sun is up.  After the gun start, I was able to run a decent pace for the first few kilometers before I felt my left calves stiffen a bit so had to slow down a bit.  The sun was up ad scorching as early as the 2K mark so it was a real difficult running for someone used to running early and at night.  It made the course feel a lot longer and tougher.

Finished finally at 1:45 mark. Decent enough but not something to crow about as this time pales in comparison to my previous 15K run but I did finish this race injury-free and this should go a long way in boosting my confidence to push harder without the fear of injury and running under this condition is such a nice and tough training.  When things don’t go your way, you can simply call them lessons and this was a tough one so I guess that’s something to be happy… =>

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