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Travel Tips from Around the World

Posted by on 26. July 2005

For the past three years, I’ve had the chance to travel mostly on business and a few on pleasure. The following are the tips and experiences I’ve learned in being from a country away from home


Paris 2003

1. When you’re lost just find a stranger “Silvoupley, Champs Elysee” – Champs Elysee is the grand boulevard of Paris. By being able to find Champs Elysee, it would be easier to locate where you are.

2. It’s cheaper to buy souvenir near Notre Dame compared to Eiffel Tower – It would also be good to have a picturesque view of Paris on top of the famous Notre Dame Cathedral.

3. If you’d want to go to Eiffel Tower, go early as droves of tourist would also want to get to see the tower. It’s also windy up there.

4. Using the subway system is a cheaper way to travel. Paris has a well developed subway system that could take you anywhere in Paris. Just remember, to be familiar with a few stations so you’d know where you came back.

5. Versailles is a must see… The grandeur of the castles which triggered the French Revolution would be an excellent site to watch.

6. Take a tour via Bateaux Mouches (cruise) at night to have a view of Paris at night.

7. Enrich the soul by visiting the body of St. Catherine in Miraculous Medal, which has not been decayed even after death. The Miraculous Medal is located near Rue De Bac Metro Station.

8. Get on the artist’s bandwagon by visiting the Artist Village, near Sacre Couer. In front of Sacre Couer, you’ll have a top view of Paris.

9. Visit Disneyland in Paris. It’s quite from the city proper but it’s still worth the travel to have a Disney experience.


Amsterdam 2003


10. The famous red light district is here (guys… definitely a must visit)

11. The temperature here is constantly cool since the city is built around a dam. In other words, below sea level. Actually, it’s called Amsterdam since it’s a city covered by a dam blocking the Amster River.

12. Most of the houses here are slightly tilted sideways leaning against each other.

13. Traveling via bicycle is common here.


Hong Kong 2003

14. To have a great view of the whole Island, go to Victoria Peak at night.

15. Teddy Bear Kingdom and Ocean Park, along with its dolphin shows and giant aquarium are definitely a place to visit for families and kids. I can’t wait for Disney here.

16. A challenging adventure is to visit the world’s largest outdoor sitting Buddha… A long travel since you have to take a one hour ferry ride to another island and another 1 hour bus ride to the top of the island.

17. Shopping is a must do here… really reasonable price and excellent range of choices.

18. Don’t miss the laser and light show at night conducted by the Hong Kong Department of Tourism.

19. Traveling via bus and MRT is convenient here.


Taiwan 2004 and 2005


20. Bring a jacket. I’ve been here twice during March of 2004 and 2005 and for two years in a row, I always managed to end up not bringing my jacket. It’s real cold during the season.

21. Have a Chinese colleague to write the key places you have to go to (hotel, office, etc.) since some of the taxi driver can’t speak English.

22. Traveling via MRT here is also easy; however, some of the names of the station are not spelled the same way as in the map. The key here is to find a name which sounds like the station spelled in the map. (E.g. Jingmei, sometimes Xingmei).

23.Taipei 101 is now the world’s tallest skyscraper.

24. Tamshui, found at the northernmost part of Taiwan, is an interesting place to visit. Walking along the coast line and the fisherman wharfs.

25. For a view of the Chinese culture, it would help in going to temples and hall for Chang Kai Shek and Sun Yat Sen.


Shanghai 2004

26. The Oriental TV Tower is located in Shanghai. The so-called Eiffel Tower of Asia. It is the third tallest tower in the world and the tallest in Asia.

27. The Bund is definitely a night destination. Old buildings illuminated with bright lights is a site to behold.

28. Take a peak at different creatures of ocean by visiting Ocean Adventure… just beside the Oriental TV Tower.

29. The Yu Garden provides a picturesque view for people who love nature. The area also provides for cheap souvenirs from Shanghai.

30. Temples and museums provide a good grasps of the Chinese culture.

31. Be sure of having the Chinese names of places you’d want to visit since some of the taxi drivers here doesn’t speak English. Also take the MRT as an alternative means of transportation.

32. Another shopping haven… prices are really low. Imagine two main roads allotted just for shopping.


Singapore 2005

33. Sentosa is definitely a must see. The musical fountain has an excellent light show at night. You can pass up visiting the aquarium as this pales in comparison compared to Hong Kong and Shanghai’s version. (Actually, I still have to complete my tour of the place).

34. Stroll the Orchard Road at night and experience Singapore at night. I love the Ice Cream worth S$1. I actually tried eating all the flavors during my stay in Singapore.

35. The night safari is the zoo at night but mostly consist of nocturnal creatures. I actually saw “the batman”; here.

36. The avian falls at the Jurong Bird Park is the world’s tallest man-made waterfalls.

37. Snow City is an excellent alternative to enjoying a winter experience.

38. Other notable places to visit include the Singapore Botanical Garden, Chinatown, and the different malls and parks.

39 Traveling via MRT and bus is very convenient.

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