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Travel Tips Around the World # 2

Posted by on 26. November 2011

In tradition of one of my first blogs Travel Trip Around the World, I am now finally able sit down and digest the next few years of travel on the tips and experiences I got during those travels.  I’ve been lucky enough to have a 6-10 a year out of the Country trips the past few years.

Phnom Penh

40. Cambodia looks like a province in the Philippines 20 years ago but it’s fast catching up.

41. Main means of transportation is via motorcycles.  Crossing the streets can be such a burden with all those motorcycles zooming past you.

42. Houses here are built like a fortress as they tend to keep their treasures in their own house instead of banks.

43. It’s nice to see the Independence Monument and Royal Palace both during the clear skies of the day or the darkness of the night.

44. Go exotic as they have alternative dishes like black spiders and other insects.

45. There are gazillions of holidays here.

Cambodia Angkor Wat

46. Angkor Wat is ancient Infrastructure (8th to 12th Century) that manage to stand out even at present time.

47. Angkor Wat is one of the most famous temples here along with Bayon and Ta Phrom Temple.  The Bayon Temple features the four faced Buddha and you can take an elephant ride going in while Ta Phrom is an old Temple with Trees and shrubs growing in between the borders.

48. Tomb Raider was shot here.

49. Take a $20 ticket past 4:30 pm and you get a pass the next day and also be able to catch the sunset in the afternoon.

50. Tuktuk drivers are so friendly and they even get to share the history of the places.

51. When you haggle for souvenirs, they tend to start a bargain at a higher price so haggle and haggle hard.

52. The deeper you get in the temple, the more breathtaking the experience become.

53. Wear a comfortable shoes.

54. There’s a Cambodia Cultural Village nearby that features the mix of cultures in Cambodia.

Hangzhou, China

55. Hangzhou is a cosmopolitan City just an hour by train from Shanghai.

56.  The famous West lake is here. It has a picturesque landscape and surrounded by numerous temples, gardens and attractions nearby.

57. It gets cold in here towards end of the year and even with a chance of snow beginning of the year.

58.  They have a strip that sells souvenirs and you can even have a stamp of your Chinese name.

Shandong, China

59. Shandong when enveloped by fog looks like those foggy fields of Russia you get to see in the game red alert.

60. It gets real cold in here and it snows here during the winter months.

61. Zibo City Park is nice to look up even under the foggy skies.

62.  There are also a lot of exotic food here.

Shanghai, China

63. The World Expo was held here in 2010 and it featured exhibits and structures from all parts of the world.

64. The Bund and the TV Tower is always spledid to look up at night.

65.  There seems to be a race to the skies here as skyscrapers continue to rise in Shanghai.

Taipei, Taiwan

66. Taipei 101 is splendid to look at at night.

67. There’s now a bullet train that can take you from North to South of Taiwan in just 2 hours.

68. Yehliu is located North of Taiwan and features rock formations including one called the queen’s head.  There’s also a dolphin attraction nearby.

69. Take a walk at Yangmingshan Park which is just a bus ride away.


70. Macau is just an hour away from Hong Kong via Ferry.

71. Macau Tower is one of the tallest in Asia and you can go extreme via Skywalk, Skydive or even climb its peak.

72, The Ruins of St. Paul and Senado Square is one of the more famous areas here.

73. This is Casino heaven.

Hong Kong

74. Disney is now in Hong Kong.

75. It’s now easier to go to the Sitting Buddha via Cable Car and there’s even a Ngong Ping Village as additional attraction.

76. Go to the Stanley Market for souvenirs.  It’s a lot cheaper.

77. Ocean Park is a lot bigger and better than it used to.


78. Universal Studios is now in Singapore.

79. Take the Singapore Flyer or the view deck at Marina Bay Sands for a 360 degrees view of Singapore.

80. There are two casinos in town, Resorts World and Marina Bay Sands

81. Go to the No Sign Board in Geylang and be treated to one of the best seafood meal.

82. It’s best to shop for running gears and accessories here.

Saigon, Vietnam

83. Vietnam used to be a french colony and that is why you get to see a version of the Notre Dame in Paris here.

84. Just beside the Notre Dame is another tourist spot which is the central post office developed under the influence of french architecture.

85. Take a night cruise along Saigon River for a sumptuous meal and a view of Saigon at Night.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

86. Kuala Lumpur is a bit congested and it does remind you of Cubao in Manila.

87. The world famous Petronas Twin Towers is located here and it stands out on a bright day or when it is illuminated at night.

88. Just 25 km south of Kuala Lumpur is Putra Jaya where the seat of the government is located.

89. Want to be in two countries at one time. Go to the border of Singapore and Malaysia in Johour Bahru.

Sydney, Australia

90. The thing that sets Sydney Opera House is not only its unique architecture but also it’s aided by the splendid view of the Sydney Harbor.

91. You can actually pet those cute koala and baby kangaroos at Featherdale zoo and Taronga zoo.

92. The blue mountains is blue because of the blue haze coming from the eucalyptus tree.  You get to see the famous three sisters and take a train ride and lift to the Katoomba mines.

93. Cave all you can in Jenolan Cave.  The limestone formation is this cave is amazing.

94. Bondi has a very long stretch of fine white sand beach.

95. You’ll love fish and chips in the Fish Market or within the Kiama blow hole area.

96. It’s best to have a car here especially if you’re staying in the suburbs though they do have a very efficient bus, train and ferry transport system.

97. The CDB offers so many attraction like the St. Mary Cathedral,Hyde Park, Queen Victoria Building, Harbor Bridge, The Rocks, Opera House, Darling Harbor, Orbit Lounge and the Sydney Harbor.

98. Most of the shopping areas closes up early to give way to the bars.

99. Barbeque with family is fun.

100. You can also make your own chocolate drink out of melted chocolates in the village near blue mountains.

Next up: Travel Tips Around the Philippines.

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