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Under Armour Curry Two to be launched in China on Sept. 6, Global Release Set on Oct. 24

Stephen Curry is taking Asia by Storm with stops in Tokyo, Manila and Japan. Aside from getting to see his avid followers, Stephen Curry is also launching his second signature shoes, Curry Two in China on September 6. Japan and Philippines would also have their releases of Curry Two on September 7. The global release is set on October 24. This is a follow up to his first signature shoes, Curry One, which was a huge success coming from the support of his followers, his recent conquest in the NBA and his admirable work ethic. Continue reading »

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Travel Tips Around the World # 2

In tradition of one of my first blogs Travel Trip Around the World, I am now finally able sit down and digest the next few years of travel on the tips and experiences I got during those travels.  I’ve been lucky enough to have a 6-10 a year out of the Country trips the past … Continue reading »

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The West Lake Story

Had a nice tour of the West Lake in Hangzhou courtesy of Lena of Marketing… The lake is very big and it would require you four to five hours to tour… You could also take a boat ride around the lake but it was too foggy to try… West Lake was still a splendid site … Continue reading »

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Amazing Race China

My trip to China has turned from utterly boring to extremely exciting. I’m in the middle of my week long trip to China. My first stop was in Shandong, which is a province in China.  Shandong looks like the white fields of Russia you get to see in Red Alert.  It’s a bit boring in … Continue reading »

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Travel Tips from Around the World

For the past three years, I’ve had the chance to travel mostly on business and a few on pleasure. The following are the tips and experiences I’ve learned in being from a country away from home   Paris 2003 1. When you’re lost just find a stranger “Silvoupley, Champs Elysee” – Champs Elysee is the … Continue reading »

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