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Track Your Activity with Polar Loop

Posted by on 6. March 2014

Being fit does not necessarily require being active in sports or going to the gym.  The simplest things we do like walking the stairs or even just reducing sitting time can contribute to your fitness level.  Polar Loop monitors your movement in a day and suggest ways of meeting your goals.

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Polar Loop

Wearing Polar Loop at Color Manila Run

Polar is popular on wearable electronics particularly watches and heart rate monitors.  It’s really important to know your heart rate when you work out as it determines how you can push yourself further.  Polar Loop is different as it’s not just made for athletes, it’s designed for anybody.  It can go with athletes plotting and monitoring their workouts or even the common office worker who just wants to keep a daily fitness goal.   In fact, I’ve been trying on the fitness loop as I am on my lean time on training doing away with the runs to rest my muscles after my first full marathon.

Using the loop is simple to use:

  • Fit it to your wrist
  • Sync it to a computer and register the loop
  • Sync it via bluetooth to your phone with Polar Flow
  • And you’re ready to go.

Breaking down the daily activity of the Polar Loop can show what Polar Loop is made up of. ,Polar Loop is accessible real time in through the polar flow application  which can be downloaded to the phone.

February 22 was the day I joined Color Manila Nite Run though it was just a 3K distance. Even if I started the day late, I was able to accumulate 86% and burn 2500+ calories from my activity for the day.  Breaking it down through the loop, I was able to stand more than 4 hours since we came early in the venue to check on how the event and preparations were progressing.  Standing requires more energy than sitting so it still burns some calories.  I was able to walk for about 1 and a half hour which also burns calories and spent 19 minutes doing the 3 kilometers of Color Manila Nite Run.  Those activity alone equates to almost 20,000 steps or about 12.8 kilometers in terms of distance.

February 26 was the day of my board meeting so I had a lot of sitting time.  In between breaks, I made it a point to stand up as much as I can so I was able to accumulate 5 hours standing and almost an hour of walking.   Walking is a large part of my everyday as my unit is in the fourth floor and I always take the stairs because we have no elevators and my parking is about 1 kilometer away from my office plus you can add up all the back and forth around the office.  I’m able to meet about 50% of the daily goal even on a busy day. There’s also an inactivity alert if you noticed.

The inactivity alert is one of my favorite part of the Polar Loop.  When I get too engrossed at work and sitting already for a long time, the phone beeps to send this inactivity alarm to remind you that you should start walking to stretch your legs.  This is perfect for office workers who have to sit all day doing their job. The alarm could really be a reminder to stand up and walk once in a while.

It also gives you suggested  activities on how I could meet my daily goal like playing a sport or going for a run.  It also accumulates all the data during the week and the month and gives you charts on your activities so you’ll know if you’re doing your burning calories consistently.

Polar loop is designed for the everyday users.  It’s a wrist strap that reminds you that even just shifting how you do things, like adding some low intensity walks and exercise during the day and yes, malling is also an exercise, can help you reach your fitness goals.   It is best used with a Polar Heart rate monitor as the consumption and usage of energy is tied in to your heart rate and zones and having the polar loop monitor your heart rate can help you in managing your energy especially when you go on with high intensity work outs.  Being fit can happen anytime, any day and wearable electronics like Polar Loop can help you achieve that.

The Polar Loop is now available at Runnr Stores at Php6,995.

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