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My 2014 Product Wish List from Runnr

Posted by on 27. January 2014

“When you’re preparing for your 2014 key races, be sure to be armed with a no-quit, no excuses attitude and have the right gear in your armory. Runnr has been a constant partner to Runners since running has evolved from a sport to a lifestyle over the years.”

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Runnr has been a complete resource for runners and multisports athletes over the years. Their product line includes running shoes, apparels, devices down to some items in race nutrition.  Here’s some interesting items available in 2014 in the Runnr’s products that caught my interest.

Newton Energy

Newton Energy

Newton uses the forefoot wedge technology that gives a stronger push of the toe coming from a midfoot landing which gives you more powerful stride.   Newton Energy further upgrades this technology by using 5 forefoot wedges instead of 4 to add more stability in the landing.  I’m a fan of this technology and have used Newton in several of my races.

Newton MV3

Newton MV3

Newton MV3 is a speed shoes weighing just 5.4 ounce and among the lightest shoes available for  runners. It is a perfect racing flat for fast runners.  It encourages the natural running form with a zero drop profile that’s perfect for speed sets and shorter races.

Newton Boco All Terrain

Newton Boco All Terrain

One of the few passions I’ve developed over the past two years is my love for the trails being a more relaxed and scenic environment compared to road races.  Newton technology designed for the rigors of trails and that’s Newton Boco with it’s fore foot wedge designed as both an anchor to the ground and at the sames time gives your an added push.

Adidas Adios Boost

adidas Adios Boost

Adidas boost technology uses a bouncy material for its sole so it rewards you with more powerful and fasted strides with lesser energy consumption.  The adios boost uses a techfit material which makes it more natural for the feet to move.

Brooks Running Shoes

Brooks Pure Connect

Brooks is the number 1 running shoes in the US as it covers all foot types and also has the lightweight pure project line and also have stability shoes for the longer distance runner and trail shoes for those who love the trails.


Skora Phase – X

Skora is my favorite walking shoes and I’ve had covered already a lot of mileage walking with Skora and it really feels comfortable with its ortholite insole and its lightweight feel.  The Phase-X is also a unique one as it appears black on regular light but becomes white when light is focused on the shoes.



Berghaus has one of the best traction when it comes to climbing mountains. navigating trails and enjoying the outdoors.  I also like their apparel and bags line because of the quality of their fabrics and the flashy design.  Berghaus is the perfect partner for the outdoors and those who live for adventure.

CWX Compression Tights

CWX Compression Tights

I use compression for longer distance races because it keeps the muscles relaxed with better blood flow.   The advantage that CWX has over other compression is that it has targeted support for the knees, the hamstring and the calves.  I use compression but I still add some muscle tape on some area for additional protection. CWX has that covered.

Fitletic Belts

Fitletic Hydration Belt

Part of preparing for a race is having the right hydration gear to train and run with, that’s where Fitletic (formerly ifitness) comes into place.  They also have some belt pouches for your to store your stuff while running.  Their hydration belt have different bottle size designed for your needs.

Spenco Insoles

There’s also Spenco insoles for added cushioning and protection for your feet.  Insoles can also help your feet adopt to your shoes especially if you need extra cushioning or arch support.  It can also help prevent a lot of injuries.



Then there’s TYR for your swimming needs from training suits to goggles.  TYR brings in great material and technology to improve your performance and train well with their apparels line or their swimming apparatus.

Polar Loop

Another interesting product which will be out by the first quarter this year is the Polar Loop.  The Polar Loop is a bracelet you can wear that can measure your daily activities in terms of calories burned, heart rate, number of steps and so on.  It’s a perfect tool for those who wants to continually measure their fitness levels and those concerned with their daily calories.

Of course, I also get my supply of GU energy gels, muscle tapes and other supplies i need to train and to race.  It’s just nice that Runnr has adopted to the needs of the growing community of  Runner and Multisport athletes through time.

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