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The Zombie Journals: OMZs Goes #TWDonFox #BreakoutPH

Posted by on 14. October 2014

“The Terminus.  Is it a safe sanctuary or not?  Hundreds of participants got to experience the terminus and try to find a way out a cargo container #BreakoutPH style while a #TWDonFox Zombie Walker scared the hell out of them.  Talk about having poise under pressure.  Shrieks from the participants enveloped the Terminus yet there was a valiant few who were able to escape on time.”

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The last season of the series, The Walking Dead ended in the Terminus with the cliffhanger having Rick and the group getting trapped in a tight spot.  That’s where the escape game begins with Breakout Philippines, the country’s first escape game and The Walking Dead teams up to give the people the feel of the Terminus.  As any of Breakout Philippines escape games, there were clues and puzzles to be unraveled and a single way to escape. For this one, you’ll have fifteen minutes (20 minutes if you download the McDonalds App) to escape.  Of course, what’s the walking dead without it’s walkers.  It turns out, there’s one walker inside the cargo container who may hold a clue to your escape and to your survival.

For two day, the area of 34th Street of Bonifacio Global City gave TWD and Outbreak Manila followers a chance to get up close and personal with the walkers while going around the Terminus or trying to escape the container. There were also TWD viewing areas and sponsors giveaways for those who dare to visit the sanctuary  The area were enveloped with panic, hysteria and high-pitched shrieks as participants figured a way out of the container even as a walker scares the hell out of them in those 15 frightening minutes.  As tight as it was, the room had all the clues needed to breakout.  There were safe zones that won’t let you down and there was a walker who may hold the key to your escape.  The experienced was made even more realistic by role playing characters leading you to the containers.

Let’s play cops and robbers.

At the center of the scarefest were the Outbreak Manila Zombies (OMZs) who have been honed in the numerous Outbreak Manila, Outbreak Missions and Zombie Schools to make their characters realistic and believable.  It turns out they are as honored as much as those who participated for being tapped to be part of The Walking Dead Breakout Philippines experience.  Here’s a recap on how the OMZs felt being part of the event and their favorite moments.

Reinard De Lima

The Walker experience was awesome! TWD x OMZ was awesomely superb! I was priveledged enough to be part of FOX PH and Breakout PH TWD experience. The thrills will never be this good.

Lori Antonio

As a fan of The Walking Dead series, it was an honor to be part of this event. Seeing the priceless (scared) reactions of the people who joined will be one of the things I’ll remember always. It just means I did my part well.

Jeng Paradero Mamiit

As a TWD OMZ, I felt elated that I’m going to extend the fear I’m bringing not just to the fans of Outbreak but also to the fans of TWD! My favorite moment at the Terminus was whenever I scream inside the container van, the lights were being accidentally switched off by the participants thus adding to the scare factor.

Pierre Stefan Lalin

It was an awesome and great privilege to collaborate with TWD. The setting of the entire event was really cool; it was as if I was actually in Terminus itself. The best moment for me was scaring the crap out of the Breakout participants, and those who wished to take pictures with us.

Ginger Agoncillo

It was fun and memorable. My favorite moment was the participants that were freaking out because of the zombie walking towards them and they kept telling that they were in the safe zone and “it wont let them down” over and over again.

Flexie Portelo

Sobrang awesome ng feeling to be part of that event. Feeling ko I was rotten ( in a good way; with some uod ). Kasi hello! it’s TWD kaya. Favorite part ko is, everytime na may napapasigaw at napapatakbo ako kasi feel na feel ko na I’m the real thing.

Masahiro Niioka

The experience was unforgettable, being able to be a walker and scaring people. My favorite moment was everytime I am in the breakout room to scare the participants and making them feel that I am a real walker.

Tezza Orlanda

It was great and exciting especially the moment when one group freezed and cannot do anything at all because they are all afraid of me. They dont even mind the clock is ticking down. Also, everyone shouted from the top of their lungs, whenever I grawl and I showed them that I’m unchained already and was running toward them.

John Henri Mariano

Being one of the TWD OMZ was great, but its quite hard compared to my usual role in previous zombie events. You have to invest a little more elbow grease and act like a real zombie and to create a really good zombie experience to all of the participants. My favorite moment on terminus? Actually, I enjoyed my entire stay, but the most favored part of the terminus experience as a zombie is when people got scared of me, especially when I began to talk like a zombie, growl and walked around to trouble them. All my effort to scare them were worth it.

The Terminus

Save Us!!!

The trip to the Terminus was a rare chance to simulate the farewell scene from The Walking Dead series last season.   A greater majority was not able to go out in time but for sure counting the shrieks and shivers that was heard and felt in BGC, a lot had the scarier time of their lives.  With the long wait from the end of the last season, this was one of the best ways to welcome the new season as TWD followers get to start following the new twist, turns and heartbeat-stopping storylines that comes with the new season.


And I have to run…. yes, for my life.

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