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Team Total Fitness TRX Sessions

Posted by on 17. July 2012

Team Total Fitness with TRX Master Instructor Coach Linzi Arellano-Co


Not all muscles are created equal.  When you get into deep into your training or you go for longer distances, you will notice this.  Take for example your core muscles.  Having a week core would have you fade in the latter part of a long run as you get tired and your form starts to fade.  Another example is the lower back pains you get to feel while leaning forward or taking the Aero position in a bike ride.  Then there’s some muscle groups compensating for weaker muscle groups like having weak quads and ankles would shift the burden to the calf muscle when running which may lead to cramps or even injury.  With these possible circumstances, the key here would be to find a way to focus on your weak muscles to strengthen it.

Enter TRX Suspension Training

TRX Suspension Training provides a more focused and higher intensity exercises with the use of the TRX Suspension Trainer.  By using gravity and a person’s weight anchored on a TRX Suspension Trainer, TRX aim to add intensity on key exercises and may be use to focus on select areas.  The different TRX exercises are aimed at strengthening key muscle groups and the workout can be custom-fit to the needs of the athlete making the athlete stronger, flexible and durable.

Core Workout

This is the first of a series of workouts for Team Total Fitness sponsored by TRX Philippines and Finix Corporation, which is one of the sponsors of the Team.  The event was held at Pure Pilates Philippines and conducted by TRX Master Instructor Coach Linzi Arellano-Co.  Our first focus area was to strengthen our core. While we pile up significant training mileage on swim, bike and run, its the core strengthening exercises that we take for granted.  We started with a few warmups, which didn’t feel like one as it was an intense warmup session.    We later on shifted to different exercises using the TRX Suspension Trainer.

Some key lessons, angles and distance from the TRX Suspension Trainer matter and it is important that you have to do the exercise using the right muscle groups and this is where the inputs of Coach Linzi comes in.  If you’re working on a specific muscle, you should feel the sting there.  If not, you’re probably using a different muscle group to do the workout.  With proper guidance we were able to do most of the exercise though we’re all still a work in progress when it comes to the TRX routines.  It was just an hour or a little over it but after going through the various exercises, we felt a bit sore but with a large sense of satisfaction that we had a great and meaningful work out.  It was an efficient one hour.  A regular routine of this would definitely do wonders in our strength and conditioning.

Who says TRX is not fun? See Daisy and Joan having fun after our TRX session.

Looking Forward

This is just the start of our TRX sessions and there will be more to come and we’re actually looking forward to these sessions.  TRX should be the balancing point of our regular trainings since it can focus on certain aspects that we need to build on.  This is just the beginning and we are glad that TRX Philippines/Finix Corporation has partnered with Team Total Fitness as we’ll need all the help we can get as we try to get the best of ourselves and reach our peak level as an athlete.

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