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Run for Pinoy Glory

Posted by on 7. January 2012

Distance: 5K
Time: 27 Minutes and 20 Seconds
Date: January 7, 2012
Pace: 5:27 minutes per kilometer

The Cause

The race is for the benefits of the Filipino athletes who will represent the country in the 2016 Olympic in London.  Some of the athletes even took part in the event along side the Police Force and the Army.  While the run had less fanfare than the big time runs, this one was definitely a strong and challenging field.  The Run had 3K, 5K, 10K, 21K, Executive and a special category for those on wheelchair.

The Route

The route for the 5K category was simple.  It starts at high street area in 9th Ave then proceeds to the 26th Street all the was to 3rd Avenue and shifting back to 5th Avenue before taking a loop in the 32nd Avenue and Lane R before returning to 5th Avenue on the way to 30th Steret and finally, the finish line in 9th Ave.  The high street area is relatively flat and after not running here for quite some time, the changes is very noticeable with new structures rising in the Global City.

The Race

This is my first race for the year and I was only expecting to run at an easier pace since I have back to back races this weekend.  At gun start, seeing the strong field, I tried to keep in pace with the lead pack in the first kilometer but slowed down a bit as I’ve felt that my legs was still a bit weary from the trainings I had for the week.  I did try to run at sub 6 minutes per kilometer.  It was also inspiring to hear chants from the army and seeing them moving in unison.  I just maintained my pace until the finish line and crossing the finish line at the 27 minute mark, which was a great time for 5K. The race course was a bit short of the 5K distance but since this should be part 1 of back to back races, the shorter the course,  the better. I’m excited to take some pictures of the other distance as part of  Team Total Fitness desire to cover some races.  Overall, it was a good race. It was not too crowded, hydration was sufficient and it was a nice challenge.  What a way to start a year, a fast paced 5K run.

Nice seeing the army running in unison.

Behind the Scene

Took photos after the run which is posted in Team Total Fitness Facebook page.  When it comes to taking photos, I’m such a newbie and it did take me time to adjust the right setting to take better pictures but Team Total Fitness will try to cover some runs as much as we can.  It was fun taking pictures of runners and I’m such an active Photographer as I keep moving places while taking photos in hopes that I get to finish sooner.  Being race photographer is a real taxing job but it’s fulfilling as well, every time people smile back at you and say thank you.

Team Total Fitness Running

This is Team Total Fitness first run for 2012 and first of back to back runs.  Thanks to Chris Sports for providing the race kits.  We’ll be running again tomorrow and hopefully have a chance at taking photos again.

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