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Powerade Duathlon Leg 2

Posted by on 27. May 2012

Distance: 6K Run, 30K Bike, 3K Run
Time: 2:10 including transition (6K Run: 37 minutes, 30K Bike: 1:08, 3K Run: 19 minutes)
Date: May 27, 2012
Pace: 6K Run: 6:10 minute per kilometer, 30K Bike: 26.5 Km/hour, 3K Run: 6:20 minute per kilometer


Leg 2

I was a bit worried going into this leg even if it was already my second duathlon since I’ve been struggling with my run and endurance lately.  Being scheduled in the middle of summer, I was somehow distracted by so many vacations and out of town trips.  The good part was I was able to spend some time at training camps.  I also took it upon myself to run non stop for more than an hour even with the rain last weekend just to have the mental toughness for 6K Run, 30K Bike and 3K Run.  I really have to dig deep for this oneWith all the races I’ve been, I always run or bike faster in an actual race than in trainings.  Call it adrenalin but I’d like to attribute the improvement on actual race day to Heart. The formula being, Race Time – Training Time = Heart.  With this in mind I started to be a bit more relaxed before the starting line.  There’s not much duathlon events so must do good in this leg. Sometimes, all it takes is to have the right attitude to make things happen.  So time to have FUN in leg 2!!!

Race Course

This is one of the simplest and easiest to digest race route. 2 loops of 3K each along Daang Reyna Road before the transition to the bike leg.  In the bike leg, 6 loops of 5K each at Daang Hari Road. Finally, 1 loop of 3K run in Daang Reyna Road to the finish line.  Elevation profile is relatively flat except for a few inclines and descents along Daang Hari Road. 

6K Run

Photo by KYX Castaneda

Funny how I’m more worried with the run part than the bike leg but I did get a good advice from Coach Andy which was warm up and take the first shot of energy gel 10 minutes before the run.  I was also surprised that after the reminders, it was immediately gun start.  With a fresh doze of energy flowing into my system, I went for a 6 minute pace for the first 3 kilometers before getting into energy conservation mode at next 3 kilometer taking a few seconds off my pace.  I did take an efficient approach for this one being continue running and rest only on water stops.  I don’t want to fall in love with the idea of walking.  Contrary to what I expected, I didn’t struggle in the run part but it was a good idea to play it smart with consistent pace and progressive water breaks.  I didn’t waste much time in the transition area this time and my only blooper was leaving my cadence / speed sensor in my rear tire which meant my speed was measured based on the revolution of my rear wear instead of my GPS location.

30K Bike Ride

Photo by KYX Castaneda

Here we go, time to improve my bike split.  This one was an easier route compared to my hilly first duathlon but with a flat route also means faster bikers lurking around.  For newbie cyclist like me, it meant that you’d have to overtake with caution as one lane of the road would likely be occupied by faster cyclists.  I was able to start and maintain a faster time at around 27kph and even have some laps at 30 kph though I did slow down during the u-turns. The u-turns were a bit tough to maneuver as there’s not much place plus there are also other cyclist doing their turn so better safe than sorry.  I missed drinking water for a full bike leg as I didn’t want to slow down and I haven’t practice drinking without stopping.  I just made it a motivation that if I finish earlier, I can have my precious hydration.  I was relaxed for most part and as I reached the end of the bike leg, I was able to reduce my bike time by 8-9 minutes though it’s still a long way to a sub60 30K bike split.

3K Run

Photo by KYX Castaneda

For all the precious minutes I wasted from the bike to run transition in my first duathlon, I did a very fast transition for this one.  Water break while parking my bike, one final shot of energy gel and took out bike accessories and went on for the final run.  I went back to my original strategy one foot over the other with only water stations as walking break.  I was able to go through this part at around 6:20 per minute pace and was able to maintain this pace until the finish line.  The good part about it was even as I finished at a faster time, I was not as wasted as the previous duathlon.  Somehow, I was able to dig deep in my energy reserve to finish this one strong.  I should start to build on this for future run and duathlon events. I’m happy with my performance for this duathlon event though there’s still a lot of room to improve both in the run and bike part.  Now to look forward to future duathlons.

There’s also a finisher singlet and medal at the end of the Race.

Team Total Fitness

Team Total Fitness with Coach Andy l Photo by KYX Castaneda

This was also the launch or out new tri suits and it still baffles me on how I was able to fit into my tri-suit.  It was also the debut of our fresh set of new gears from season 2 sponsors. Total Fitness magazine and our sponsors took it upon themselves to have the team distribute free magazines, whitening soap from Derm Plus, Magnolia Pure Water and Immuvit Vitamins. I like the dynamic within the team now as everybody does try to help out one way or the other.  This is the first race for season 2 for most of us and I’m glad we all had strong finishes.   Team Total Fitness V2 is definitely better and bolder.

Congratulations to Daisy for finishing her first duathlon and to Coach Andy for placing 2nd in the tough 30-34 age group.


Team Total Fitness is powered by:

Do visit Team Total Fitness page (click here) for some race photos.

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