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SRI Phils Powered Team Total Fitness

Posted by on 7. March 2012

Photo courtesy of PhilipBF

One of the benefits of Team Total Fitness is that we get to tap most of the wide range of products Sports Resources Inc.  (SRI Phils) has to offer. SRI distributes various sports, recreation and outdoor sports products.   A lot of the products they offer was helpful during our trainings and our races.

Published January – February 2012 Issue of Total Fitness Magazine

One of the new items SRI Phils distributes in the market is CEP.  I tested the product for Total Fitness Magazine and the all sport sleeves has been a constant gear for all of my long runs and key races.  Compression technology helps in regulating blood circulation and stabilizes the muscles.   It does help you in chasing those elusive personal records in races as you get to dwell more on the running and worry less about muscle strain or fatigue.

Brooks is the official apparel partner of Team Total Fitness.  Their running apparels fuses in lightweight, innovative fabrics and designs that provides more comfort to runners.  When you’re running for an hour or more, it pays to feel comfortable with what you wear and Brooks apparel provides that for our team.  Not to mention the ‘pogi’ points that comes with their innovative designs.

As you attempt running at faster speed or longer distance, you’ll take whatever help you get.  A key ingredient that influences that is balance.  This is where i-pure energy bracelets comes in to play.  From proper balance comes energy and additional strength to continue thriving on the latter part of the race.

It does get annoying when you have your shoelace loose and have to stop just to tie them back.  This is one of the reasons that all my running shoes uses Xtenex as a shoe lace.  Xtenex uses elastic laces that fits in the eyelets or your shoes and uses elastic beads to lock in to the shoes.  Now, you can just slid your feet in your shoes and run.

Then they have all the products that ranges from extreme to technical sports , health and fitness, outdoor sports, recreational sports, lifestyle and water sports. SRI Phils can be accessed at their website:  (http://www.sriphils.com/index.php?route=common/home).

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