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Incoming: Outbreak BGC

Posted by on 22. June 2012

Outbreak Manila : Nuvali (Read about it here)

‘Outbreaking’ was what I can say about the first event.  I really didn’t know what to expect but it felt real and encountering the fierce zombies in the route was a really scary experience.  Those long dry trails felt as if we were transported into those zombie movies and that being a part of the undead as zombie bait was just a few steps waiting to happen.  Sometimes they are hidden and sometimes they are  not but you’ll know that there’s zombies around when you hear screams from runners in front of you.  Time was immaterial and survival was everything.  Not all survived (I also didn’t after losing my last flag in the 4th kilometer) but I’m sure everyone was left craving for more and awaiting the next chance at survival.

Outbreak BGC

Video from Outbreak Manila Facebook Page

The next outbreak was set in BGC.  The zombie infestation has traveled fast and having its second outbreak just 3 months after the first one.  This one is meant to be much more nerve-wracking, heartbeat-stopping and a lot creepier than the first one.  The reason being is that it’s gonna be held at night time.  This is now a Horror story with a capital HORROR.  Picture yourself at the middle of the dark streets of BGC and there’s zombies lurking everywhere.  That’s another sequence with the undead that’s just so terrifying to think about but why scare yourself thinking about it when you can actually be a part of it.   With more than a month to go, they may just be in BGC already lacing in their running shoes and making sure that they’ll be moving faster on Outbreak Day.  That makes it a scarier outbreak and maybe just because of that BGC needs to make one minor change.

They should change the RUNNERS CROSSING sign to RUNNERS SCREAMING.    It’s definitely gonna be a screamfest come July 28, 2012.  I’m pretty sure BGC will never be the same again after this event.   I did have an Outbreak Manila hangover during the first one. I am sure after Outbreak BGC, people will be extra keen with thoughts playing around that the next runner beside them is a zombie out to get a lifeline.  Isn’t this exciting? I hope you’re ready for another zombie invasion, because registration starts June 22, 2012.

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The outbreak is incoming and get those running shoes ready as this time there are no Personal Records to chase.  There are no steady pace to maintain.  There’s only zombies lurking around the area to grab a life.  This is not a game of speed nor a game of endurance but this one’s a game of survival.  So if you’re brave enough to be part of the action, rush now to the latest registration outlet but just be on the lookout as the zombies are just nearby.

Photo from Outbreak Manila Facebook Page

Finisher Shirt

Event Poster

Official Press Release

Outbreak Manila’s top three tips in surviving a zombie apocalypse

June 30, 2012, Manila- Hordes of zombies are again set to wreak havoc at a 5-kilometer obstacle trail run called Outbreak Manila. The second installment of the zombie-infested thrill run will be at the Bonifacio Global City (BGC) on July 28, 2012.

Over 5,000 runners pitted themselves versus zombies at the first Outbreak Manila at Nuvali in Sta. Rosa Laguna last April 2012. And this time around, more people are expected to sign-up to be chased by the undead.

The twist? “It’s harder to run from something you can’t see. Not only has the Outbreak reached the city, but this event is a night run that promises double the fear, and most possibly, faster race times for our participants”, says event organizer Angelo Cruz.

In light of coming events, Outbreak Manila offers its top tips to survive its version of a zombie apocalypse.

First, register! You cannot run from the zombies, if don’t sign-up. There are a limited number of slots remaining at Toby’s Shangrila, Mall of Asia, and SM North EDSA. Meanwhile, registration at RUNNR outlets in Alabang Town Center and Bonfiacio High Street are almost full. Outbreak BGC will have 35 waves starting at 6pm and ending at 12 midnight.

Second, know your opponent. Outbreak Manila zombies prefer red life flags over brains and guts. Three red flags attached to a belt will represent your lives. The goal is to end the race with at least one flag intact.

And the last tip is one that many have found the most useful. At Outbreak Manila, you don’t have to be the fastest runner, you just have to be faster than the person beside you. So do some practice rounds and think of evading tactics while you’re at it.

Outbreak Manila is organized by Re-Create Events, and co-presented by Boardwalk, 100 Plus, and Summit Water. The event is also sponsored by Avida, Booster C, Mogu Mogu, Makeup Design Academy, Impact High Performance Whey Protein, Burnwater Art x Design, and Pelicola.tv; together with media partners Runner’s Magazine, Men’s Health, Women’s Health, Total Fitness Magazine, Gala Magazine, Juice.ph, Solar Sports, BTV, Jam 88.3 and Mellow 94.7. Outbreak Manila also gives special thanks to Del Monte Fit n’ Right, Rebisco Fudgee Bar, Greenwich, Cheese Steak Shop Manila, Toby’s Sports, RUNNR, Symbol Sciences, Fitness First, Freshman, and Mini Philippines.

Update: Get Lucky on Friday the 13th

Friday the 13th is known to give people bad luck… But not to those who are DESPERATE and looking for one LAST CHANCE to register to Outbreak BGC.

We are opening two new waves at 11:40pm (Wave Desperate) and 11:50pm (Wave Last Chance). Registration will EXCLUSIVELY be at Toby’s Shangrila and RUNNR BHS. ONLY 200 SLOTS PER BRANCH will be made available on Friday the 13th.

More about Outbreak Manila in their Facebook Page and Website below.

Outbreak Manila Facebook Site (click here)

Outbreak Manila Website (click here)

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