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Brooks Introduces Pure Flow 4

Posted by on 20. April 2015

Each Brooks Shoe has the Runner’s DNA in mind and they get features much specific to their needs.   Not all runners have the same shoe requirement so Brooks carries both the feel (lightweight that gives you a better feel of the road) and the float (cushioned that gives you more support for longer runs).  The Pure Project is its primary line of lightweight shoes designed for those who love the faster paced runs.   It gets even better this time as Brooks launches the Pure Flow 4.  #BrookeRunningPH

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Brooks Pure Project 4


I started running using more popular yet generic sports and lifestyle shoes.  As I got the hang of it, I realized that going for runner specific shoes, like Brooks makes a world of difference when running.  Brooks has the runner in mind when it conceptualized its shoes. They provide a lot of alternatives that would be more specific to your foot type, running gait and preference.  I always prefer the lightweight feel, which is one of the core strength of the Brooks Pure Project  Brooks also carries a line of cushioned shoes, which gives you more comfort when running like their transcend line.  So whatever your preference, Brooks got you covered.   I like how a rounded heel can keep the heel and ankle in place preventing unnecessary movements to help avoid ankle sprains or even heel tendonitis.  I like also that it has a snug fit yet doesn’t feel tight with its Nav Band.  It also has enough cushioning through its DNA midsole yet it gives me enough feel and traction to power my next running stride.  It also gives me the option to go sock-less without giving me friction burns or irritations because of its seamless or no sew overlays.

From the widely acclaimed Pure Project running shoe line, Brooks proudly introduces the PureFlow 4. Designed as a lightweight, cushioned training shoe for neutral runners, the PureFlow 4 is 8.6 ounces of running bliss.  At 8.6 ounces, it’s one of the lightest cushioned shoes, you’ll ever try with most cushioned shoes usually at around 9.5 – 10 ounces.  That really saves you a lot of effort lifting the foot for each strides because of the lightweight feel. This results to higher cadence on your strides and a faster run..

The upper features a Nav-Band that wraps around the foot for a secure, yet non-constricting fit. No-sew overlays add to the premium look and feel, along with a cushioned tongue that further enhances the wearer’s comfort.  The DNA midsole is designed to provide custom comfort by soaking up the harshness of the road surface while translating your energy into forward motion. Compared to the one-size-fits-all approach of traditional cushioning, Brooks DNA continuously adjusts the level of cushioning to a runner’s specific needs – even as it changes during a workout. The DNA technology delivers 30% more cushioning than standard midsole materials such as gel or EVA, with twice as much energy return for more pep in your step. Meanwhile, the Rounded Heel allows for better alignment and a smoother stride, while Omega Grooves in the outsole add stability and flexibility.  With a midsole drop of 4mm., a light feel, and a low profile, the Brooks PureFlow 4 is ideal for fast-paced sessions, road races, or as an all-around training shoe. It joins the ranks of the PureConnect, which is designed for a low-to-the-ground feel, as well as the highly admired support-oriented PureCadence.

The Brooks PureFlow 4 is now available at select RUNNR and Toby’s Sports outlets for P4,995.  For more information on Brooks, follow us on Facebook & Instagram at brooksrunningPH and Twitter @Brooks_PH.

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