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Checking Out the Newton Kismet

Posted by on 2. July 2015

I’ve been a Newton user for years now and it’s my Go-To Running Shoes whether on the Road or on the Trail.  My latest addition is the #Newton #Kismet and it uses the forefoot lugs technology with more cushioning to provide more comfort and stability to your runs.  Kismet can really give you a more comfortable run and an even added push of the toe with a heel to toe drop of 4.5 mm.  It’s time to run, It’s time to #FeelNewton

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Feel Newton

Upper Left: Adidas KOTR 2013 with Newton Gravity II, Upper Middle: Takbo.PH 2013 with Newton Distance II, Upper Right: FIlinvest Endurace Weekend 2014 with Newton Boco AT, Lower Left: RUPM 2014 with Newton Distance III, Lower Middle: Nat Geo Run Baguio 2015 with Newton Distance IIIS, Lower Right: Velasquez Park with the Newton Kismet.

I’ve been running with Newton as my main shoes for 3 years now starting with Newton Gravity II and Distance II in 2013. It took me time to adopt to the different feel of having forefoot lugs when you run but when I got the hang of it, it was the faster and more efficient shoes for me.  The reason is that it promotes the natural midfoot landing and gives you an added push of the toe coming from the forefoot lugs.  In 2014, I got Newton Distance III and III S which came with 5 lugs and more stability on your landings plus each lug now support each metatarsal bone of the feet.  I love the 3rd edition of the Newton Distance that I had an experiment of running a marathon with it and it was a success.  I also had the Newton Boco AT in 2014 which has been my go-to trail shoes up to this day.

Hello Newton Kismet!!!

A few weeks ago, I was able to get my 6th Newton Shoes in the Newton Kismet.  Newton Kismet, which is about 9.7 ounces is heavier than the other Newton shoes I have which is about 8-9 ounces.  While it adds just a little weight, it gives you a lot more cushioning and an added push of the toe with a heel to toe drop of 4.5 mm compared to the other models having 2-3  meters heel to toe drop.  It uses seamless mesh materials which eliminates blistering and allows you to use it with or without socks.  When it comes to color ways, it is even flashier than my previous Newton with a stronger shade of Orange.

Trying out the Newton Kismet around BGC

Before I came to test Newton Kismet, I was away from training for a full two weeks since I had a bad case of coughs and colds.  That means, that I would be a bit rusty and stiff once I resumed running.  It was love at first stride though with the Newton Kismet as it felt really comfortable with a softer and cushioned feel of the sole.  Despite being heavier than my other Newtons, the 4.5 mm heel to toe drop made up for it with a stronger push of the toe.  The extended medial bridge at the outer sole had a better impact absorption on the midfoot landing.  I was going for an easy 7:30 to 8:00 minute per kilometer since I usually am conservative in my pace whenever I come from a long lay-off but surprisingly, I was able to run at the 7 minute per kilometer level.

Soaking in sweat after a easy run that went faster than I expected

It’s definitely a fast shoes and that’s just the beginning as I’m just warming up.  Newton Kismet is the perfect shoes to introduce you to the Newton forefoot lugs technology.    If you are new to the technology, Newton uses 5 lugs at the forefoot which serves as a lever to power your next stride.  It’s a shoe that rewards effort, the more powerful your strides are, the stronger the push of toe would be.  It promotes the natural way of running with a midfoot landing being converted to an instant push to the next stride therefore resulting to faster cadence.  The Newton Kismet uses a higher heel to toe drop which adds power to the next stride offsetting the added weight of the Kismet.   It has the same push but with more cushion so it’s faster to adopt to the Newton Kismet.

Using Newton Kismet do all the drills at the Men’s Health Training Combine

I was also able to use it at Men’s Health Training Combine which was a test on different jumps, sprints and lateral movements.  I was able to move much better with Newton Kismet because of the comfort plus the added push and it really felt like a breeze doing the sprints.  It can also be a fast shoes with the faster cadence, the cushioned ride and the added push.  It felt really fun blitzing the 40 yards dash in a few seconds wearing the Newton Kismet when I gave it my all-out effort.  You really get a better feel of newton when you speed up.

My regular night training runs with Newton Kismet.

I also regularly use it on my night training runs where you get to see that the bright colorway makes you a lot visible in the dark.  I’ve also tried it on a rainy day and I found out that it has a great traction even on wet surfaces.  You’ll appreciate it on hills as the added push would surely help conquer those endless climbs and the forefoot lugs can help cushion your strides as you speed up downhill.   The Newton Kismet is an everyday training shoes and can be the perfect long distance shoes if you prefer a more cushioned ride.  The added cushioning is a big plus especially for longer distance like marathons as it reduces the impact of each foot stride on the foot and the knee and reduces physical wear and tear.  The Newton Kismet can also complement the other Newton Shoes as you can mix and match.   Of course, the benefits of a great running shoes like Kismet can only be maximized with proper and consistent training.  Do try it out too!!!


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  1. Nickle Love

    Those are nice looking shoes. I like the bright color too. I’m not very knowledgable with shoes, but I could use a great pair of running shoes.

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