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Your Run: Jose Tuason, Powered by Newton

Posted by on 12. September 2014

Newton Giveaway Winner, Jose Tuason.

There are a lot of shoes out in the market, each with a technology of its own.  Running shoes have evolved to make the running experience much better, faster and safer.  #Newton came up with the forefoot lugs Action/Reaction technology that adds a push of the toe in each stride making it more powerful and more efficient.   #HelloBetter Runs and #HelloBetter Days. Jose Tuason tells us how Newton has helped him in his running journey.”

A few months ago, we had a giveaway on this site sponsored by Newton Running Philippines, wherein one lucky reader gets a pair of Newton 2014 collection.  Newton being a performance brand, we came up with a question:

“What’s your A-Race? What’s your Goal? How can Newton help you reach it?”

There are numerous running events in a year but only a few if not only one can be your A Race.  An “A-Race” is the one race that would be most special to you.  The one race that takes you months to build up and prepare for.  The one race where you set your targets and go all out in trying to obliterate that goal.  It also involves the appreciation of the technology available and using them in meeting your goals.  Long story short, Jose Tuason was able to give the best answer to the question considering his know how in the technology and the product.

It also turns out that Jose Tuason have been using the Newton Brand for years and have progressed in his running journey being powered by Newton Technology.  That years of experience with Newton can really help describing the product so here’s some excerpts with the talk with him on the wonders of Newton.  He has build a lot of memories and experience with Newton. He considers each of his first attempts using Newton and breaking his personal best with Newton as his memorable races.

On the benefits of Newton technology

The Action-Reaction technology from the actuation lugs helps convert the pressure applied to the sole from foot strikes into energy that propels the body forward upon toe off.  With the added push, the stride becomes longer and the cadence becomes faster enabling you to complete your run faster with less energy consumption.

On how Newton Helped improved his race times

Being a long-time user of Newton, he was able to use the Newton both in short and long-distance races.   He had improvements on his personal best times from 3 Kilometers up to the full marathon distance. The latest and most remarkable one is improving his 10 kilometers personal record from 57:36 to 48:06 using the Newton All Terra Momentus.

On the Different Newton He Owns and How It has Helped Him

  • Newton – Sir Isaac

This is his 1st Newton. It’s been retired now due to heavy usage and weak adhesion at the sole part.  They call this a Guidance Trainer. This was recommended by a RUNNR staff for anyone who wants to get used in forefoot striking. This helped him complete his first Full Marathon in Milo despite of heavy rains and thunderstorms.

Jose Tuason using Newton Sir Isaac – Photo by JC De Leon


  • Newton MV2

This is his 1st Newton minimalist shoes. It has zero forefoot to heel differential. These shoes helped him improve his personal best times on short distance runs. He also used the MV2 once during the Milo Marathon (42 kilometers) and got about 30 minutes improvement compared to his first Milo Marathon. He is still using them for short distance races and speed training until the upper mesh lining gets thoroughly detached from the sole or until he get a new replacement similar to their minimalist profile like Distance S or MV3

Jose Tuason using the MV2 at Milo Marathon – Photo by Running Photographers

  • Newton Terra Momentum

This is his all weather shoes. He has been using this while training under the rain and trail running. The shoes is about to retire from heavy usage and sole abrasions. He landed a good ranking and had a good finish time on his 1st Ultra Marathon race using these at the very steep inclined roads of Tanay, Rizal.

Jose Tuason conquering the Ultra distance with Newton Terra Momentum – Photo by Jose Ramirez

  • Newton Gravity III

This is his latest training shoes. Since this is just relatively new, he still have to test them on different distances and various conditions. What he like about this shoes is their soft sole especially at the midfoot to heel part that makes running at very long period of time more bearable.

Jose Tuason Enjoying his Newton Gravity III – Photo by Lemuel So

On the Benefit of the 5th Lug of Newton

The 5thlug makes every metatarsal in our foot act independently upon applying force to the actuation lugs creating a more natural stride. It had also improved the durability of the sole as the distribution of lugs decreased the space in between them and the midsole.  With the 5th Lug, the feet can easily pronate more freely. He usually starts his forefoot strike at the front lateral part of his feet to maintain a high running pace.  He always make sure that his shoes are tied well, snug and lugs aligned to the balls of my feet to maximize the benefit of the action-reaction technology.

On the Newton Gravity III

 The Newton Gravity III helps him in races that usually start very early where the road is still dark. It’s bright color make some runners aware of him and maintain their distances to avoid the accidental stepping of heel counter part of the shoes.  The 5thlug helps his pronation. The soft midsole and heel cushion protects his feet on downward sloped roads.   He’s looking to improve his speed with the Newton Gravity III as one of his trainers.  He plans to use them in his nest Full / Ultra Marathon and even in multisport events.

Ultras / Marathons / Multisports Up Next for Jose Tuason and his Newtons – Photo by Running Photographers

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