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The Newton Experiment

Posted by on 11. February 2015

Salomon City Trail – 12K (Top Left), Run United Philippine Marathon – 21K (Top Middle), Pinoy Fitness 21K Challenge – 21K (Top Right), Egg Power Run 21K (Bottom Left), Takbo.PH 20 Miler – 32K (Bottom Middle) and Condura Skyway Marathon -42K (Bottom Right)

The journey towards my second marathon also had me searching for the shoes that would fit me perfectly.  It doesn’t stop there as I had to build in the mileage and bond with my shoes until it felt like a part of me.  I ended up trying up #Newton Distance III and I found out that the forefoot lugs gave me back my speed and the #5Lugs Technology helped add stability in my foot strikes.  I started harnessing the technology in the smaller distances until I gained the comfort level in trying it out in half marathons, 32 kilometers and eventually my full marathon.   My Newton Experiment worked and helped me break my previous personal record for a full marathon by more than 20 minutes.

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Newton Running

I’ve always been a fan of the Newton technology because of its efficiency.  The forefoot lugs really helps you develop a natural midfoot landing and at the same time, the lugs gives you an added push of the toe like a lever giving you stronger and more powerful strides.  It’s known as a speed shoes with its lightweight built, efficient lugs and added point of power.  The 5 lugs also cushions your 5 metatarsal bones which make each foot strike feel more natural and contributes to faster cadence.  It’s also worn by elite runners and podium finishers.  That’s the part which intimidated me since I haven’t been a fast runner for the past 2 years.  I did reach my peak a few years ago but after that it was a slow road to recovering my speed for me.  The next query was will the lightweight built be enough cushioning for me for the whole forty freaking two kilometers in a marathon.

I got my Newton Distance III (Road) and Newton Boco AT (trail) mid part of 2014

Short distance and up to a half marathon, I am very much comfortable with the Newton Technology but I really wanted to know if it would be the perfect shoes for me for a full marathon.  My approach was to use two shoes, Newtton and a heavier shoes for the long run.   I did my weekday runs which ranges from 6K – 10K with the Newton Distance III and I used a heavier and more cushioned shoes on my long runs ranging from 15K to 21K.  It was also a great way to develop my leg strength with the heavier shoes adding more power to legs.  When it came to race day, which is usually 21K, I’d shift back to the Newton Distance III.  Slowly but surely, I started to be more comfortable with the Newton Distance III and decided that I can work with these until I reach my marathon.  I run 12 kilometers in the walled city of Intramuros that had a mix of roads, cobblestone paths and a few trails.  Using Newton, I did half marathon at Run United Philippine Marathon and attempted to do a 2:30 half marathon at Pinoyfitness 21K Challenge, which I didn’t beat.  I still wasn’t running fast but I’m getting more comfortable with the Newton Distance III.  My foot strikes felt more natural and I’m slowly building up my speed with the added push off the toe coming from the forefoot lugs.

Mt. Talamitam Climb (Top Left), Camp John Hay (Top Middle and Top Right), Filinvest Endurance Weekend (Bottom Left) and Urban Trail Run (Bottom Right)

I also used Newton BOCO AT on trails just to get more familiar with the Newton Technology.  The traction of the Newton BOCO AT was amazing.  I felt like the forefoot lugs is anchoring my steps even on the toughest climb at Mt. Talamitam.  The traction was perfect even when I did Camp John Hay’s Yellow Trails on a rainy day and on different surfaces.  I had my fastest time on trails at the Urban Trail Run and the Filinvest Endurance Weekend at the Filinvest trails because of the lightweight feel of the shoes.  It’s water resistant but it also had vents to push the water off my shoes after I had it soaked on a stream of water at Mt. Talamitam.   The forefoot lugs function both as a step ladder on the inclines and a cushion on the descents.  Of course, I love that it looks so flashy on trails.

I got my second pair of Newton Distance for Christmas

One of the things I learned early in my running career was when you find the perfect shoes, get an extra pair.  Sometimes model changes and it would take some time getting used to it again.  Also, since I was piling in the mileage I wanted to split the mileage into two shoes.  I got my second Newton Distance III shoes for Christmas.  I was able to alternate shoes now and lengthen the life of both shoes.  At this time, I was doing about 40-50 kilometers per week.  Long distance started to feeling like routine and the 10K distance felt normal on weekdays.  I also have some down time during Christmas because of the festivities.   I was able to do some runs in my hometown Baguio City both on road and trails with the Newton Distance III and Newton BOCO AT.  I capped my 2014 by going solo in climbing about 500-600 meters of elevation in 8 kilometers going to Mt. Cabuyao.  This really helped strengthen me mentally.

Training, Training and more Training.

Entering 2015, I knew, things would be tough since my full marathon was just 4 weeks away.  1st week of January, I raced for 10K and it was nothing exceptional.  I started to feel that I’m speeding up a bit on my weekday runs.  By the second week, I did what I haven’t done in about two years which which was to finish a half marathon in less than 2:30.  I never really though I’d get back to this level but with hard work and the added push from my shoes, I was starting to reach my peak again.  The following week, I did 32K and I tried to finish the distance in less than 4 hours and I did it with minutes to spare.  I also realized another way Newton technology helps.  When your legs are tired and weary, it’s the added push of the toe that reminds you to keep going forward.  Then it was time for my marathon, I now knew that Newton can be the shoes to take me to the finish line with strong finishes in both half marathon and the 32 kilometers run.  Even with it’s lightweight feature, having developed a natural midfoot landing all the past few months with the shoes gave me more comfort and the natural stride that reduces wear and tear in the long distance run.  5 hours and 42 minutes after, I was at the finish line for my second marathon beating my previous time of 6 hours and 4 minutes.

That’s how Newton Distance III powered my second marathon

The Newton Experiment was a success!  Newton technology is a shoes that require hardwork.  The harder you work, the faster you get.  The more mileage you put into it, the more you develop the proper running form.  The more powerful your stride is, the bigger push of the toe you’ll get.  Now, I can say with proper preparation, Newton Technology can help you ace your marathon.  And since Newton Distance III fits me perfectly, I just can’t wait for their new colorways come to Runnr store this March so I can have my next pair.

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