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The Zombie Journals: The NUNdead

Posted by on 23. November 2012

The NUNdead – Photo by Zeus Martinez

The Outbreaks

Featured Zombies

Outbreak Enchanted Kingdom

When an Outbreak occurs, have you been good or bad?  Are you ready to clean up your act and repent?  Outbreak Enchanted Kingdom has introduced a new character that’s meant to challenge faith.  While you have faith that good will prevail over evil, there comes a time when even the purest of soul gets turned and joins the horde of the undead.  That’s exactly what happened in Outbreak Enchanted Kingdom. When you can’t turn to the forces of good, just shout and run for your life.  One good soul has been bitten and has been craving for those life flags as well.    She’s not your ordinary Nun you turn to for spiritual help but she’s the NUNdead who’s silent ways conceals for endless quest for life flags.

The NUNdead

The NUNdead Haunts the Runners Road to Survival – Photo by Art Gimena/Outbreak Manila

Lori has been a Nun doing charity work in a nearby prison.  Her task is to have one on one session on morals and values to the prisoners.  While she was instrumental in changing a lot of lives, her next challenge was a man who lost his ways and has been one of the problems of the whole prison. His name was Joms also known as the Psycho Prisoner.  He was a reluctant at first but with Lori’s help and the warden, he agreed to it.  Lori was making progress and started understanding how Joms lost his way from being abandoned as a child and growing up with the wrong kind of crowd. Lori included Joms in her prayer everyday in the hopes that he would soon change for the better.

The Psycho Prisoner Zombie and the NUNdead – Photo from Outbreak Manila

Four months into the program, something drastic happened.  Joms was included in a riot and killed one of the detainees who was called the BOSS.  He was then transferred in an isolated cell and was not given food nor allowed visitors.  Lori attempted to convince the warden to allow her to visit Joms to have their regular session but she was prevented by the warden so she left the place but she suddenly heard screams. Chaos was all around.  She dropped her books and panicked.  Scores of slow moving undead people were all over the place.  Her running brought her to the isolated cells. Doors were opened and out of nowhere someone grabbed her.  It was Joms and he was different.  The relief of seeing him, suddenly turned to fear and anxiety as the Psycho Prisoner bit the flesh out her cheeks.  She tried to run but she blacked out.

The  transformation has occurred – Photo by Art Gimena

She woke up and she was no longer the Nun she used to be but everything changed and she’s now the NUNdead.  She was hungry and craved for those life flags.  The horde of zombies that accompanied the Psycho Prisoner brought her to a place called Enchanted Kingdom.  She wandered across the track but the fence was there.  She’d stare at the people trying to survive at the outbreak longing for their life flags.  She then guarded the entrance of the hunted house hoping that the weary runners would be an easy prey.  To her surprise most of them don’t have flags so she just followed them with her stare or run after them ’til they reached the Hunted House.  And if they do have flags, She would bless them and tell them to repent, have pictures taken with them and pull out a life flag without them even knowing it.

Til Undeath Do Us Part

In the end, Lori was reunited with Joms, the Psycho Prisoner Zombie. She agreed to join him in future Outbreaks for he would be the one to teach her a thing or two about getting more flags. Lori taught Joms about Life and now The Psycho Prisoner is going to teach the NUNDead about the Undead. Well, they’ll eat you soon, then!

The Bride and the NUNdead.

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