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#UnderArmourPH Holds the Third Leg of #EarnYourArmour Series

Posted by on 22. August 2015

The Calm before the Fourth Leg of #EarnYourArmour Series

It’s how you start, and how you finish it!  The Third leg tested the speed, power, endurance, and willpower of the participants and gave them a chance to Earn Their Armour with the FortRock Challenge.  The Earn Your Armour campaign definitely finished on a high note for the participants, the audience and Under Armour.

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Earn Your Armour

It was a tough and really fun #EarnYourArmourCampaign

The third leg of the #UnderArmourPH #earnyourarmour series was held last Friday, 21 August 2015, at the Glorietta Activity Center. The third and final leg definitely did not disappoint and pulled out all the stops.

Fitness challenges awaited the participants.

The final leg encouraged all participants to take on 10 different challenges to test their speed, power, endurance, and willpower. These challenges were led by no less than Under Armour ambassadors Coach Mike Zarate, Coach Aries Fonacier and Elle Adda.

  • Coach Mike Zarate is the founder of the “SEAL 80/20” program, a holistic regimen that factors in the physical training, nutrition, sleep, recovery, and motivation to excel as an athlete even for those with limited training time. Coach Mike believes that “ time-crunched individuals spending just 20% of their daily time in the gym can get optimal results for the rest of the day”.
  • Coach Aries Fonacier, on the other hand, is the founder of Fortrock Fitness, a comprehensive functional fitness training center that focuses on strength and conditioning work for endurance and power-based sports such as running, triathlon, basketball, and rowing, to name a few. Coach Aries’ grueling circuit workouts can take up to three hours as it involves a battery of upper body, lower body, and core exercises combined with high intensity interval training.
  • Under Armour Philippines athlete Elle Adda is a French-Filipina fitness trainer from the US. She is also a performing artist, actress, model, dancer, and fitness enthusiast. Aside from leading the workouts, Elle also taught the skills of recovery to EYA participants by demonstrating specific stretching movements and yoga poses.

UA Ambassador Elle Ada led a holistic fitness workout.

Prior to the challenge, US trainer, actress and model Elle Adda led a holistic fitness workout. Participants went through a range of free weight and body weight exercises and ended with Elle also teaching them the importance of stretching and recovery. She led them through various yoga poses and specific stretching movements which would complement the adrenaline-charged workout they had just finished.

Two teams battled it out at the Earn your Armour FortRock challenge – Team Drago Pilipinas and Team SEAL.

UA Ambassador Elle Ada showed her fitness prowess as she joined Team Drago in the competition.

  • Team Drago Pilipinas was composed of Dragonboat Rowers from Drago Pilipinas and guest team member Elle Adda. These guys and gals are currently training for some international competitions in Singapore and Malaysia over the next couple of weeks and regularly incorporate the Fort Rock fitness programs of Coach Aries Fonacier into their training. In other words, this was a piece of cake for them.
  • Team SEAL was composed mostly of college students and fitness enthusiasts who regularly train under Coach Mike Zarate’s SEAL 80/20 program. Some of them were as young as 16 years old!
It was a test of speed, power, endurance, and willpower.

The Spartan Circuit of Fort Rock Fitness was composed of a number of challenges – rowing machine, burpees, sledgehammer swings and burpees, jumps and burpees, alternating ball squats and burpees, tire pulls, and some exercises on a contraption they call the lechon rack! See the common denominator? BURPEES! Lots and lots of burpees! True to its name, each person really had to earn their Armour.

It was an intense battle between Drago Philippines and Team SEAL

Team Drago Pilipinas immediately got to work and built up a commanding lead. Team SEAL put in a strong effort and managed to catch up towards the middle, but Team Drago Pilipinas just didn’t budge and eventually won the competition. The winners got to take home lots of Under Armour goodies, bragging rights and tickets to see the 2014-2015 NBA MVP and Champion Stephen Curry when he comes to Manila on September 5 for the Under Armour Road Show at the Mall of Asia Arena. Not to be dismayed, Team SEAL also got to bring home some Under Armour goodies and tickets to see Steph Curry as well.

Members of the winning team (Drago Pilipinas Fort Rock) OCR (Obstacle Course Race) is composed of:

  1. Japa Gavino – Financial Consultant
  2. James Bungubung – Investment Capitalist & Entrepreneur
  3. Harold Pacana – IT Engineer & Entrepreneur
  4. Alexis Atutubo – IT Entrepreneur
  5. Raven Quan – Musician / Sales Director
  6.  Joseph Reverente – Fitness Consultant
  7.  Ria Sangel – Professor
  8.  Patricia Castillo -Entrepreneur
  9.  Rina Balgan – University President
  10.  Gidget Alikpala – Entrepreneur
  11.  Grace Quan – Entrepreneur
  12.  Elle Ada – International Singer / UA Athlete & Affiliate Coach

The Participants of the 3rd Leg of Earn Your Armour Challenge.

For the other participants, just having the chance to compete alongside elite-level athletes was already a treat in itself as it’s not everyday that you could bust through an extreme obstacle challenge inside a mall.

The Earn Your Armour series is perfect preparation for the team as they are slated to join Spartan races in Malaysia and Singapore this October and November.   Log on to for updates on the next leg of the Earn Your Armour series!

Note: This is a guest post by Mara Guevara, who attended the Earn Your Armour Leg on my behalf.  Mara Guevara is a triathlete and the founder of Maranators Candy Lab, which has the sweet sensation in the Snickerators and the complete trail and energy bar in the Alphanators. 


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