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#UnderArmourPH #EarnYourArmour with #FightForm at #UltimateFitness

Posted by on 18. May 2015

Fight Form Workout Gives You a Feel of an Actual MMA without the actual contact. It gives you a series of simulated drills that’s gonna challenge your skills, power and endurance.  I was able to try out the Fight Form workout at Ultimate Fitness. These challenges would be similar to the actual workouts to be done at #UnderArmourPH #EarnYourArmour Challenge. It’s fast but it gives you a total body workout in just minutes. It’s not easy but you’ll just have to #EarnIt

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This is one of a kind challenge!!! #FightForm #UltimateFitness – Photo by Andy Leuterio

When Under Armour launched their Earn Your Armour Challenge last month, we were among the first to have a feel of the challenges that had us try different varieties of bur pees, sitouts and some sprints in between. It was exhausting and it took me time to recover.  Well, that’s only the beginning as I got an invite to do an actual fight form challenge at Ultimate Fitness.  The fight form workouts would be the base workouts for the Earn Your Armour Challenge and is based on offense and defense moves from mixed martial arts.  Without thinking, I said yes.  I’m not really athletic as the only way I’ve been able to go by the fitness lifestyle was being consistent with working out.  A small time away, it’s back to zero for me but that doesn’t stop me from trying out new fitness workout and testing my limits.  When it comes to outfits, I always go with performance brands like Under Armour.  It’s always a good investment when you go for Under Armour because it keeps you comfortable working out, which means you can work out longer or you can push yourself farther.  The fight form is an actual class and when it was my turn, it was only me and DJ Rico Robles doing the workouts.  There would be 10 workouts with each workout being 30 seconds before switching to the next.  I was also briefed how each workout would look in a real fight environment.

Workout Number 1: Jab, Straight, Knee, Sprawl – Photo by Andy Leuterio

Let’s start with some round of offense with the workout of the sequence of throwing a jab, a straight, a knee and doing a sprawl continues for 30 seconds.  You throw a jab to your opponent then you follow it up with a straight and then add another knee.  Of course, with all that offense your opponent would retaliate so you sprawl to the ground to evade and then rise again to attack again.  This one is a full body workout with full use of the body.

Workout Number 2: Cage Lunges – Photo by Andy Leuterio

After a round of attacks and sprawling, you then shift to try to grapple your opponent by doing lunges with the resistance of the cage.  The workout builds leg strength and while you’re doing alternate lunges on both legs, you keep both leg strong in keeping your balance even on one leg and for leg take downs.

Workout Number 3: Mountain Climbers – Photo by Andy Leuterio

The mountain climber is set on a slippery mat with cloths adding resistance to your steps while in a push up position. The move simulates climbing that requires you to rapidly move your legs as if climbing up a mountain.  Like mountain climbing, this helps to develop the quads and also helps on your core.  These also helps when you are in a grappling position while trying to overpower your opponent to the ground in an actual fight.

Workout Number 4: Ground and Pound – Photo by Andy Leuterio

When you have overpowered your opponent and you have pinned him to the ground, it’s time for some ground and pound or like The Thing of Fantastic Four would say, “It’s clobbering’ time.”  With the aid of dumbbells, you throw some punches to the direction of the ground.  This is my favorite part just imagine that the ground is your opponent.  This also works on arms’ strength.

Workout Number 5: Sitouts – Photo by Andy Leuterio

When your opponent gets the upper hand on you and is above you, you do some sit outs to avoid your opponent’s attacks while figuring out a way to turn things around.  This would prevent your opponent for fortifying their position and going for the knock out.  The sitouts alternate by one foot kicking with the other hands raised and switching to the other side in sequence.  I think this is the hardest for me as I am not used to this workout yet.

Workout Number 6: MB Box Squat Kicks – Photo by Andy Leuterio

The squat kicks is doing squats with a weight bearing ball and following it up with a forward kick.   The squat helps build on your quads and core strength and the kicks can help increase your kicking power.  This can also simulate the action of taking a hit and hitting back with a kick.

Workout Number 7: Lateral Box Shuffle – Photo by Andy Leuterio

One important thing in a fight is your footwork. This is where the lateral box shuffle is important as it works on the fluidity of your movements as well as your leg strength and balance.  This is the time you dance around your opponent trying to evade attacks and figuring out how to connect on your offense.

Workout Number 8: Stationary Squats – Photo by Andy Leuterio

This is one you’ve probably mastered in school because of being too noisy or as a punishment for your mischief.  Squats keeps the core and legs strong.  It also gives you mental toughness and endurance.  In a battle, the ability to withstand pain can go a long way and having that innate toughness can turn things around as you recover within a match.

Workout Number 9: Plank – Photo by Andy Leuterio

Plank is another endurance workout that focuses on your core strength.  Core strength and endurance always goes hand in hand as keeping the right posture allows you to properly distribute workload to the different muscle group in any sports and keeps you from crumbling.  It’s a mental challenge against time whenever we do planks.

Workout 10: Full Situps – Photo by Andy Leuterio

We all know that situps is a great exercise for the abs.  This also simulates being able to pull yourself up when pinned by your opponent to the ground.  It builds core strength and power, which can also increase your endurance level.

I was so happy to survive doing all the 10 exercise with 30 seconds for each exercise and was really tired, exhausted and winded.  30 seconds felt like forever as you struggle your way from one workout to another.  Coach Don then announced that there was a 1 minute break for the second set. WHHAAAATTTTT??? There is a second set and even a third set.  That came as a real surprise and that also meant I never even asked how many sets I would be doing.  It was a good thing that DJ Rico Robles was also doing the same. As they say, misery loves company so we went on with the second and third set.  It was a struggle but yes, I did it.  That was 30 seconds per workout with 10 workouts per set so it take you just 5 minutes to complete one set.  You have 17 minutes for the 3 sets including two 1 minute break. That’s a really efficient way to burn calories and strengthen up.  The good part with fight form is that you use limited equipments and you can do it anywhere and does not require much space.  The next time, you say, I don’t have time then think about this 17 minutes that could really give you an intense workout.  As for me, I would love to do this again… and again… and again.

Ultimate Fitness is the most extensive gym in the metro geared towards providing our clients with the most intensive, high intensity, efficient, result oriented workouts!  They are located in Metrowalk in Pasig City and you can follow them on their facebook page for more details:  Ultimate Fitness.

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