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The Zombie Journals: The Surgeon and the Bride

Posted by on 27. September 2012

The Surgeon and the Bride – Photo by Zeus Martinez

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The Bride and the Surgeon

The Zombie Bride – Photo by Vincent Garrucho

With the help that the magic that the Enchanted Kingdom brings, we were able to unlock a story that involved another magic that holds still even with the undead… LOVE.

Tezza and James were a couple for so long from the time they were students until James went to Med School and eventually became a top-notch surgeon.  James had a really busy schedule but one night he had a surprise for Tezza.  He invited her to the roof deck in the hospital where she was surprised to see the words, “Will you Marry Me?” on the tail of the plane.  Tezza said yes and the wedding was on.

The Workaholic Surgeon – Photo by Zeus Martinez

On the day of the wedding, Tezza was a dashing bride but James was nowhere to be found.  James had to perform an emergency surgery and was not able to make it in time.  Out of frustration of being stood up at the alter, Tezza ran away from the church still wearing her wedding gown.

This One’s A Happily Never After – Photo by Zeus Martinez

Tezza was in tears unmindful of the graveyard she entered and at her devastated state, she didn’t notice that there were zombies slowly approaching her.  It was too late to run, the zombies had her cornered and next thing she knew she was part of the undead.

An Avenging Bride – Photo by Zeus Martinez

She is now an avenging bride and if love was powerful, hate and anger overpowered her.  What would life be without his precious James?  Her instincts brought her to the hospital and in an instant, she attacked James and the rest was, as we call it was, history. Tezza and James together forever as part of the zombie horde and that’s a story which ended with a happily NEVER after.

The Zombie Horde – Photo by Zeus Martinez

Being part of the zombie horde, they are now destined to be together.  Tezza would get the occasional will you marry me question from zombie baits which enrages her further and makes her go for their life flags.  James would use his workaholic ways and chase down the baits and as a surgeon, he does love brains.

Catch the Avenging Zombie Bride and the Workaholic Surgeon Zombie at Outbreak Enchanted Kingdom.  Now, you’ve been introduced to another set of zombies.  If only you just get to know the several hundreds more in the Outbreak, I guess you’ll be home safe.

Outbreak Enchanted Kingdom

The countdown is on for the next outbreak.  The zombie baits are slowly building in numbers and the open slots are dwindling by the day towards the outbreak. We’ve found a note from the zomboss as follows:

Outbreak Manila: Halloween Special

September 24, 2012, Manila- Flag-hungry zombies are set to take over  Enchanted Kingdom on the eve of Halloween, October 31. It is the third and most thrilling installment of Outbreak Manila this year, and the first-ever fun run inside a world-class theme park in the Philippines.

This 2012 alone, more than ten thousand people have already run for their lives at Outbreak Manila, a 5km zombie-infested obstacle course. The first Outbreak was held at Nuvali, Sta. Rosa, Laguna last April, and the second was a night run at Bonifacio Global City last July.

Outbreak Enchanted is going to be an unforgettable Halloween night run. “What better way to spend Halloween than to be chased by zombies? The zombies are throwing a Halloween party, and you’re invited,” says event organizer Angelo Cruz.

Just as the other Outbreaks, the same rules apply. Runners will be given a belt with three life flags. And the objective is to finish the race with the fastest time and with one flag intact. But this time, participants can expect more turns and surprises as zombies are flag-hungrier than ever during the spookiest time of the year.

Registration is ongoing. You can sign-up for the Oubreak at Brooks SM North Edsa, Enchanted Kingdom Main Park, RUNNR Bonifacio High Street and Alabang Town Center, Toby’s Shangri-La and SM Moa.

Event Partners

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