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The Zombie Journals: The Professor Zombie

Posted by on 29. October 2013

The Professor Zombie is Now a Mentor to the Undead – Photo by Joms Antonio

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“A Professor’s knowledge lives through several lifetimes but one coming from the ranks of undead will stop at nothing to prove his point.  That point being, he loves to eat brains and grab flags.”

On a much brighter side of the Zombie Journals timeline were three friends, a promising scientist Dr. Von Angelo Outbrekkus, his loyal friend, Jham their Professor Chris. The Professor guided them to their success and was a constant in his teachings.  However, Professor Chris was slowly alienated from the group since he had apprehension with Dr. Outbrekkus obsession for glory.  Jham remained loyal to Outbrekkus’ brilliance.   While a part of Professor Chris was proud of Dr. Outbrekkus achievements, he was afraid that the latter was bordering to insanity.


Professor Chris focused his efforts on nurturing the minds of bright students and was fond of Meia, who showed a lot of promise in school.  He got word on Dr. Outbrekkus failed experiment and has lost track on what happened to Jham.  What happened next was something he never saw coming, his school was attacked by a pack of zombies led by one Sekyu Zombie and her once promising student, Meia joined the horde of undead.

School’s Open and the Professor Zombie is Awaiting his Students – Photo by Joms Antonio

Chris managed to escape the school and tried working on a cure for the Zombie Virus just to save her student Meia.  As he was about to unlock the cure, a horde of zombie came barging into his lab.  He fought them valiantly with the chemicals he had in his lab.  As he was about to escape, he was surprised at who he saw, it was Meia all ready to pounce on him.  His fatherly instinct betrayed him and that moment of weakness was all Meia needed to turn him as part of the horde.

The Ztudent turns the Professor. – Photo by Joms Antonio

As for the cure, the bride zombie who thought it was mashed brains took it.  The unfinished cure didn’t work and the bride zombie aged faster and became a granny zombie yet still being a member of the horde.  The Professor Zombie joined the horde across all the outbreaks all around town.

From a Zombie Bride to an old Granny Zombie Bride – Photo by Joms Antonio

The Professor Zombie was reunited with the Jham Jham Zombie and his student Meia as part of the horde.  Since zombies were guided by instincts, his intellectual persona has made him a lot wilier than the other members of the horde.  He uses his zombie smarts to deceive people into thinking he’s a passive zombie but don’t be deceive the professor zombie is one of the more vicious member of the horde.

The Professor Teaching Survival 101 – Photo by Joms Antonio

The Professor Zombie has been one of the zombies that commands respect among the members of the horde and directs the movement of the horde to catch humanity of guard.  The Professor Zombie has embraced his role and the cure he once tried to develop is also the one he would prevent from being created.   He’ll make sure that the zombie apocalypse lives on.  Now, it’s up to those who dare take the Outbreak Mission to stop him as the outbreak is his school and the humans are his undead students waiting to happen.

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Catch The Professor Zombie at Outbreak Missions: Adarna Initiative – Directors Cut – Photo by Joms Antonio

Credits: Animation by Meia Ramos Alvarez

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