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The Zombie Journals: Outbreak Enchanted Kingdom

Posted by on 2. November 2012


My Undead Life

The only thought that kept going in my mind were my last few moments alive.  It was a bright and sunny morning at Nuvali and entering the trails, I was a survivor until a gallant effort to subdue three zombies had me ending up as part of the Undead (Outbreak Manila).  I wandered and had my first feast at another outbreak held in BGC (Outbreak BGC) and it was fun scaring the hell out of people and even the rain didn’t stop us from eating all those life flag.  I’ve been an observer too.  I’ve seen life of the other undead from dangerous Psycho Prisoner to the most electrifying zombie in Outbreak Universe, Michael Jackson and to the tragic story of the Surgeon and the Bride.  I’ve witnessed their story and there will be more entries in this Zombie Journal.  The common thing we had was the hunger for life flags and when the next outbreak would happen for us to feast on those life flags.  It was not long that Outbreak Enchanted Kingdom happened.

The thing about roller coaster rides and a zombie outbreaks is that it’s both gonna leave your heartbeat rising and your screams a lot more deafening. 

Outbreak Enchanted Kingdom

Outbreak Enchanted Kingdom happened on the night of the undead at All Hallows’ Eve of Twenty Thousand and Twelve with about 9,000 runner baits that have to weave through hundreds of zombies around the park starting from the entrance passing by Enchanted Kingdoms iconic structures and ended in the Hunted House where runners get one final scare before survival. The park was swarming with Zombies whether you’re in the Anchor’s Away, Space Shuttle, Log Jam, Rio Grande, ATV and go-kart trails, you’ll have to deal with hundreds of zombies. You also had to walk like a zombie in the Rialto Area just not to be noticed by the zombies there.  While Outbreak Nuvali had steep trails and BGC had a lot of leg room to be chased, Enchanted had some steep areas where you’re life can be in peril.  Outbreak Enchanted Kingdom also had the largest delegation of zombies which included the Outbreak Manila Zombies (OMZ), Ateneo Zombies and Enchanted Kingdom Zombies.  The odds just swung in favor of Team Zombies.

The OMZ Horde

The OMZ Horde

I was stationed along the entrance of the hunted house with other Outbreak Manila Zombies and some from Enchanted Kingdom Zombies.  Included in our area was the Psycho Prisoner, the Surgeon and the Bride, the really scary nun, the Rockstar Zombie, Kid Zombie among others.  The area was perfect as I love to chase people and the area is both steep and a nice distance for quite a good chase before the hunted house.

The Outbreak Begins

Ready or not, here we come.

It was pass 6 pm before the first wave started and you just know that you have a hungry bunch of zombies when upon reaching our area, which was the last stop before the finish line, you rarely see a flag.  That had as starving for a few waves but we chased those life flags real hard in our area.  I for one had them sprinting for their lives before entering the hunted house.  I guess that’s my favorite zombie move, let them pass and chase them real hard.  I love the sound of screaming people and believe me people can really run fast when they get chased.  At least, this one you can loudly proclaim that you had a sprint finish.   Some of them froze and some of them just handed their life flags and some taunts the zombie and those are the one’s we’d really chase down real hard.  As more waves come in and so was more life flags available for us to pursue.

We want more flags – Photo by Chris Paragas

It’s amusing how people would resort to different tactics to survive.

  • Some would plead for their lives.
  • Some would take photo opportunities with zombies as a chance to escape.
  • Some would even use flattery.
  • Some would even desperately grab their life flags back.
  • Some would pass by the difficult area and even jump off the bench.
  • Some would use others as decoys
  • Some would team up with other runners
  • And some use their instinctive karate chops. (ouch)

I’ve got you cornered. – Photo by Arthur Gimena

Of course, there are a lot more tricks in the books.  Our area was a bit star studded when it comes to zombies so you can’t help those without life flags from having their photos taken with the zombies.  Still, we continued to hunt them down.    What’s an outbreak if not for people shouting at the top of their lungs and running real hard.  The emotions were also overflowing.  Some had adrenalin at rocket high level and some were even crying.  I also toured the entire route and even had a group of runners all proceeding to the comfort room as a safe haven.   Also, I was able to witness a lot of mishaps and most of the time, it’s because of the stampede of people dodging zombies but fortunately there were medics all around the place.  I went back to my original area to wrap up the final waves and witness the end of another successful outbreak.

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Outbreak Enchanted Kingdom felt like doing speed sets for 6 hours but was well worth it seeing runners scream and run to save their life flags.

Got your life flag. Photo by Manny Delos Reyes

How about you? How was your zombie experience?  Feel free to share your experiences below. 

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