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The Zombie Journals: Outbreak BGC 2

Posted by on 16. April 2013

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“A Zombie Outbreak feels like a sprint as your heartbeat surges every so often except that one leads you to the finish line and the other one leads you to the buffet table.”

Taking the Horde’s Way

It’s been a year since that fateful day in Nuvali when I ended up as a part of the undead in my quest to stay alive.  I have since embraced the role of being a member of the horde and being an Outbreak Manila Zombie.  I ended up wandering with them towards the rainy streets of BGC and even the rain was not enough to stop our onslaught.  I came with them and created a real life horror theme park as the Outbreak spread through Enchanted Kingdom  The Zombie Journals started when I joined the horde and one by one their stories unfolded and beneath their menacing zombie presence was a back story that showed their human side.

The Journals still have a lot of chapters to be told.  The horde was growing and for us that wasn’t enough.  The wide streets of BGC was a harder course for zombies as human speed and agility can be a factor in a known racing hotspot.  We went into a horde hunt and added a few more to our ranks.  The war was brewing and the return to BGC was set in stone or in this case, a tombstone.

The Path of Zombiefication

Outbreak BGC 2

On the 13th of April Twenty Thousand and Thirteen, the Outbreak has returned to BGC to take on around seven thousand humans / runners in their favorite playground.  Three Outbreaks have made humans smarter but a fresh and hungry horde of new zombies will chase down those flags and take the element of surprise and fear to take those life lines that are protected so dearly.  The Outbreak Manila Zombies also came with the experience from recent Outbreaks to once again unleash havoc in the race course.

Carry a Big Stick and Take All the Flags you Want

I came in my baseball zombie jersey and wielded a bat and I felt those flags were home base that I needed to chase in order to make a score.  I was stationed along the International School area along with the other Outbreak Manila Zombies, which also had the hunted house. We also had access to the maze and to the garter obstacle.   I love the area since it was a bit dark which gave me an added element of surprise.  Since the Haunted House was a U-Turn slot, the humans had to deal with us twice.   BGC would always be the hardest Outbreak because there was a lot of leg room to evade zombies but that doesn’t mean a zombie can’t have fun.    I didn’t just chase people just for their flags but I just love chasing people and give them a run for their life. The chase is always much sweeter than the flag and at times, people would just give in and give up their lifeline.

My Zombie-fed Friends Mascy and Diane with Me and the Psycho Prisoner

I even saw my friends Mascy and Diane and since they were already Zombie-fed by the time they reached me, there was no urgency to chase them.  I can’t say the same thing to another friend of mine who still had his life intact though.

Chasing Jeff’s Flags

There was a break in the middle for us to digest our flags and by the time the waves after the break were unleashed, it was time to bring out a more vicious zombies.  I also dropped the bat to add more speed and two free hands to capture more flags.  It was a feast as the waves came in, the flags that came to us were dwindling but we still chased them down real hard.  As much as it was fun scaring people, it was also tiring chasing people for hours plus we also get hit at times by accidental or not karate chops, paper cuts because of life flags knotted and even pushed down by some aggressive runners.  All in a days work.   You just have to deal with the hazard when you are part of the undead as nobody goes into war and expect to be unscathed.  There were also a lot of human accidents from sprains to cuts to bruises and there was even one who fainted all for the sake of survival.  The concept of an outbreak has always been to enjoy the process of getting the scare of your life.

Back from the Undead

It was a relief that the outbreak was over as we do get to rest our dead muscles and of course, after a feast as big and successful as Outbreak BGC 2, we like to savor our meals.  It’s also the chance for the humans who survived to lick their wounds and prepare again for future Outbreaks and as to where and when that would be, your guess is as good as mine.  Wandering zombies are not the most reliable source of getting information.   Outbreak BGC 2 is now part of the Journals and  fresh chapters will be written once more as the survivors await and prepare for the next Outbreaks. is a proud social media partner for Outbreak BGC 2.  While my zombie self can’t do much but stare at you blankly grunting endlessly while salivating over your life flag, my human self would want to thank those who supported the event from those who read the incoming post to those who joined in my horde hunt and to the thousands who had the scare of their life. also would want to thank Runtertainment for making me a part of the event and to my fellow Outbreak Manila Zombies for the camaraderie and support.  Looking forward to working with you again in the future Outbreaks.

How about you?, Tell Us About Your Human and Horde Experience in the comments portion below.

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