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The Zombie Journals: Michael Jackson Zombie

Posted by on 21. September 2012

Be Thrilled by Michael Jackson Zombie – Photo by Zeus Martinez

Outbreak Manila Nuvali (Read Here)

Outbreak BGC (Read Here)

The Psycho Prisoner Zombie (Read Here)

Outbreak Enchanted Kingdom

The registration of Outbreak Enchanted Kingdom has started on September 21, 2012. Thousands are sure to flock the registration sites at Toby’s (Shangrila and MOA), Runnr (BHS and ATC), Brooks (SM North Edsa) and Enchanted Kingdom.  What a way to kick start the registration period by getting to know another zombie.  Since the next outbreak was in Enchanted Kingdom, which was really close by Nuvali, which was the site of the first Outbreak, we’ve managed to find a brain within the area.  The brain had the memories of a certain Michael Jackson, who as the past two outbreak has shown was one of the more famous and anticipated zombies.

Michael Jackson Zombie

Bringing the Thriller in the Outbreak – Photo by Hannah Chu

Michael Jackson is just a simple singer / dancer / performer for his band Billy Gaga.

Michael Jackson as part of his band Billy Gaga – Photo by Leo Pacalda

The story of Michael Jackson does not end with being a member of the Band, in fact it was just the beginning.  The next part of the story starts in a movie house where Michael Jackson and his date was watching a movie titled “Thriller”.  Michael’s girlfriend becomes so scared with the movie that she leaves the theater. Michael hands his popcorn to another moviegoer and chases her and assuring her that it was just a movie.  She denies she was scared but Michael disagrees.  Michael continues to tease her on being scared as they pass a foggy road and which leads into a nearby grave yard.  Suddenly, all of the undead begin to rise from their grave.

   I’m bad!!! – Photo by Hannah Chu

The zombies corner the two threateningly, and suddenly, Michael becomes a zombie himself.  The zombies then circle around Michael and then break into an elaborate song and dance number, frightening his date to the point where she runs for cover.

Don’t be entertained, Be Scared!!! – Photo by Hannah Chu

Michael and his fellow zombies chase the frightened girl into a corner of a nearby abandoned house.  Michael then reaches for the girl’s throat as she lets out a blood-curling scream, only to awaken and realize it was just a dream.  Or was it?

Part of the Horde – Photo by Hannah Chu

Michael Jackson zombie has made his way to this first outbreak in Nuvali and joined the Horde again when the outbreak happened in BGC.  Even as part of the undead he electrified the crowd with his killer dance move and moon walking ways.  It felt natural being a zombie for him as it felt like he’s been doing this all his life.  He’s now on his way to Enchanted Kingdom where he is in  for another feast.

MJ Loves Brains – Photo by Hannah Chu

Who’s not a fan of Michael?  Join the mad rush to register in the next outbreak and get to meet Michael Jackson Zombie as he strut his moves and grab your flags.  You can also meet the man behind the Michael Jackson Zombie by visiting his tumblr account, The Best Thing in Life Are Freaks (http://spiderdangeromo.tumblr.com/) and adding Dan Ramon Geromo on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/drgeromo).

An Outbreak Halloween

Video from Outbreak Manila

Spend your Halloween at Enchanted Kingdom where Magic meets the Zombies and a happy place is invaded by the undead.  The Outbreak has gone bigger and better and as far as the zombie journals is… There are still a few more stories that will rise from the undead.

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